Jammu hospitals ‘(un) prepared’ to meet eventualities

Pardeep Singh Bali
Even when the premier hospitals of the city san basic facilities, which are significant in terms of safety and security of the patients and doctors, the authorities claim that they are well prepared to meet any kind of eventuality, in the backdrop of prevailing border skirmishes.
According to sources within the department, least to talk about emergency preparations, Jammu hospitals are not even providing basic services to the patients.
“The poor state of health care could be gauged from the fact that out of more than nine hundred beds in the GMC&H, over 360 beds are unsafe for patients, comprising over 40 percent of the total beds,” said sources, adding that none of the damaged beds have either been repaired or replaced for the past 12 years for unknown reasons.
Even surprising is the fact that although, the concerned authorities admitted that large number of the beds in the wards of the hospital need immediate repairs and replacement, but they don’t have exact figures in this regard.
Sources said that the patients in the GMC&H, are denied Mobile X-Ray facility which in turn is adversely affecting patients’ treatment, especially of the serious ones and those who are not in a position to move from the bed.
“Not only this, the GMC also doesn’t have Fouler beds (folding), which are must for patients, especially the sick ones and those who have undergone surgery, and are not in a position to move”, a senior doctor of the hospital said, adding, “This adds to the woes of patients and makes them more sick,” he added.
“This is very alarming situation as the serious patients who require X-Ray for their further treatment, are denied the same,” sources said, and added, “The patients, especially in the ICU sometimes require X-Ray more than once a day for treatment but in the absence of facility it is not possible.”
Even shocking is fact that due to non-functional Mobile X-Ray Machine, the doctors are not recommending X-Ray to the patients admitted in the 14 bedded ICU ward of the GMC, although, most of them require the same.
Moreover, the sources said that all the premier hospitals of the region, including the GMC&H, SMGS and the high-tech Super Specialty Hospital (SSH), have no Fire Fighting System in place.
“Fire Fighting Systems being put in place in all the major hospitals have been lying defunct and in case of break out of fire, the damages could be colossal,” sources said and added that the Fire Hydrant System, the smoke sensors, the water sprinklers and other allied equipments to douse the fire in all these premier hospitals have been lying non-functional. The sources said, “During a meeting last month, Commissioner Secretary, Health, had told the JKPCC to make the Fire Fighting System of the SMGS Hospital functional but so far it has not been done.”
The Smoke Sensors, which not only sound alarm in case of break out of fire but also sprinkle water to douse fire, are non-functional in both SMGS Hospital and the Super Specialty Hospital, sources informed.
The premier hospitals are also facing an imminent threat of virtual collapse of its entire functioning, due to non-supply of water. “The high-tech hospital has no alternative in place to meet its requirements of 3 lakh liters of water per day,” sources said and added that as against the norms, the Super Specialty Hospital has no water supply connection to meet its requirements of 3 lakh liters of water per day.
“It also doesn’t have any alternative in place in case the existing poor system through which the hospital manages its daily water requirements, goes out of order, which could happen anytime,” sources informed.
In such a situation, the escalating tensions on the borders expose the ill health structure of the state.
Meanwhile, talking to Newspoint Health Minister-Bali Bhagat said that health facilities have been reinforced from Kathua to Rajouri. “It is unfortunate whatever is happening on borders. the health department of the state is all ready to meet any kind of eventuality,” Minister said and added that al health centers have been put on high alert and adequate number of ambulances are stationed at all PHCs and district hospitals.
When asked about availability of doctors at hospitals, minister said that at present all the leaves have been cancelled. Senior doctors are asked to stay at hospitals during nights.

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