Jammu locals Protest Against Anti-Encroachment Drive

JAN 22: The residents of Bhatindi-Sunjwan areas of Jammu on Friday morning protested against the anti-encroachment drive conducted by governmental authorities in the wee morning hours.

The protesters while speaking to JK Media said that, “It was 4 in the morning when the anti-encroachment drive was started. The Administration or rather BJP started this drive and demolished our buildings from Bhatindi to Sunjwan with a JCB. As soon as we woke up, they went away. How could they take such a step without any prior notice? BJP has always worked on it’s agenda of troubling Muslims. They keep creating problems for for Muslims or Sikhs living here.”

“Our ancestors have resided here since 1947 and now we’re also living here. Places like Rameshpura Chowk, Reshamghar Colony and Qasim Nagar have outsiders as residents but no one questions them about this; Why is BJP doing this to us? We are also a part of J&K. This Government has lied to people since it has come in power. They have nothing to boast about on the occasion Republic Day so they’ve started this anti-encroachment drives all over the city. I suggest them to do something good for the people and earn their trust rather than troubling us.” He added.

The demolition of the buildings was a way to stop Muslims from residing in the area but he appealed to the government to stop this act of cruelty against them and let them live in peace.