‘Jammu-Nagrota; Deadliest Attack, on an Army base, after Surgical Strike’

‘From 29th September to 29th November; 60 days above 26 young Indian soldiers lost their lives’

Surgical strikes had no effect; as militant infiltration or cross LOC firings-continues

Serious Study Report; by
Harbans S Nagokay.

Jammu, November 30
Though! It is almost known now that Pakistan seems not in a mood to give-up it’s undeclared war against India and now, it’s up to Indian Army then, Government of India, to find out a well though way to tackle this lethal mission. As Noticeably; on Tuesday, Lt. Gen. Qamar JavedBajwa took command of the Pakistani Army from Gen. Raheel Sharif, who retired. Then, Mr. Rahil proven once again that he is not ‘SHAREEF’ (Nobleman / Cleared-Innocent) as in his farewell speech, General Sharif warned India that it “should know that mistaking our policy of patience for weakness would be dangerous.” Yes! One after another planed attack, leaving many militias died or injured seriously, then, Pakistan has also lost a substantial number of security officers, although it has not released an official count.Dozens of civilians have also been killed, and diplomatic relations between the two countries have been virtually suspended.Analysts said the attack was unlikely to provoke the type of retaliatory strikes from India that followed the assault in September. But they also said it was unclear how India would react, because Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not followed the pattern of previous governments. Those acted quietly, while Mr. Modi publicized his military’s retaliation to the September attack.
By all said and done, voices from every nook-and-corners; now started coming very enormously, seeking a strong response from India to Pakistan and few eye witnesses, while taking to JK News Point, doubted that had they managed to take thefamilies / people hostage, it would have been a damage of immense proportions and this would have meant that it would have taken a long time for the operation to end. Kuldeep Shan, a local resident from Nagrota, in a point of fact questioned that: Is our PM is waiting for some gigantic harm, first?
Tensions between India and Pakistan were raised again, when a group of heavily armed militants disguised as police officers attacked an Indian Army unit at Nagrota, killing seven soldiers with an assault begin early Tuesday in the officers’ dining hall at Nagrota, just about few miles from the army’s regional headquarters & just about 30 minutes’ drive from Northern Command HQs-Udhampur. After killing four soldiers there,

the militants moved on to two other buildings, where they held hostage a group of 16 soldiers and relatives, including “two ladies and two children,” the statement said.All of the hostages were rescued, but 2 young officer and about 5 soldiers were killed in the operation, along with three militants.
Since then, nationalist statements have increased in intensity in country, worrying many. India and Pakistan have been at straight war three times and present day’s undeclared proxy-war since independence almost. According to experts, yesterday’s attack # that they viewed the latest attack as a continuation of nearly three decades of violence in Jammu and Kashmir. “It is business as usual,” said Praveen Swami, the author of “India, Pakistan and the Secret Jihad: The Covert War in Kashmir, 1947-2004.”
Sources said the militants, who stormed the unit which is three kilometres from the 16 Corps headquarters at Nagrota area of Jammu, could have possibly infiltrated in the wee hours of Tuesday, taking advantage of the foggy weather. But security agencies are also not ruling out the possibility of militants having travelled from south Kashmir to Jammu to carry out the attack.
At the end, from everywhere voices are coming that intended for the time has come to made Pakistan well aware of the Indian powers and at the same time few abilities are speaking otherwise for Army had better duty to understand their (Militants; duly trained and guided by Pak Army) strategies to tackle well with some better approach and stratagem.

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