Jammu: Water-logged bunkers turn useless for border residents

Waterlogging in bunkers constructed in the border belt of Arnia Sector turned useless for the residents along International Border (IB).

The bunkers were constructed in Arnia Sector of Jammu district to make the residents secure from unprovoked Pakistan firing, out of which some of the bunkers turn waterlogged due to construction deficiencies.

The water has logged in many of bunkers up to two feet due to rainfall and water leakage from walls and seepages from the ground inside the bunker caused serious problems to people taking refuge there during firing from across the border. Some people have set water pumps to deplete water from bunkers.

The border residents alleged that whenever the water is depleted from bunkers, it again gets accumulated within minutes. “In such circumstances how can we take shelter inside the bunkers?”, they asked.

Residents said that the bunkers are constructed for safety and security of border residents. But 50% of bunkers have turned useless due to waterlogging, even the snakes and other inspect are also staying in these bunkers.

“On one side, Pakistan firing creates terror and on the other side, rainfall creates havoc. In such circumstances how can we secure ourselves?’ they asked.

The border residents also alleged that in some bunkers substandard material has been used and some bunkers were not constructed up to the mark.

They demanded that the Government should change the design of bunkers and repair the defected bunkers immediately so that border residents can take shelter with their family members during the firing.