Jazz up your home in the colours of the Harvest Festival

Mumbai, April 11
Baisakhi is a vibrant festival celebrated in North India, which marks the beginning of a bountiful harvest season. On this auspicious day, give your home a refreshing new look with colour tips from Kansai Nerolac.
Festivals fill your home with a divine aura. They are an apt time to make new beginnings or even do the same things differently. Changing the furniture at home can be expensive and tedious. However, you can completely revamp the entire look and feel of your home by simply changing the colour of your walls. You will be amazed to find what a single splash of paint can do to your home. Opt for the bright colours of this season like red, yellow, green and orange.
Add more zest to the décor by putting up diyas, candles, flower decorations, string lights and rangoli. When it comes to Baisakhi, the ideas to decorate home interiors and exteriors are endless.
Yellow helps create a welcoming warm atmosphere in a room. It is light and airy, as well as bright and invigorating. Both expressions of the colour are equally charming in home interiors. The ratio of yellow to other colours like white in the room also influences the overall impact of the colour.
Use of white to create sections or demarcate spaces with yellow also adds a pleasant aesthetic to the layout of a heavily furnished room. Pops of bright yellow are eye catching against dark and light neutral coloured walls. This works in adding a peppy air to the room.
The colour of fall and harvest, Orange can be used to create an energizing atmosphere that stimulates mental activity.
A mix of red and yellow; orange is a good colour for social spaces. Brighter tones can be used for areas like the kitchen and softer tones of oranges may be used in the bedroom for a warm but relaxing feel. Lighter tones also help make the room look airy and brighter.

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