JFI, PK pay homage to Jan Sangh doyen Balraj Madhok

Jammu for India and Panun Kashmir today held a Shradhanjali Samaroh for Bharatiya Jan Sangh doyen and son of the soil Prof Balraj Madhok at Press Club Jammu today.
A large number of people participated in the Shradhanjali Samaroh attended by Dr Madhuri Madhok & Dr Shakti Madhok, daughters of Prof Balraj Madhok, Yuvraj Gupta, veteran RSS, Prof Hari Om, convenor Jammu for India, Dr Ajay Chrungoo, Dr Agnishekhar, Chairman and Convenor Panun Kashmir.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr Madhuri Madhok said that Prof Balraj Madhok was clear on his ideology, thoughts and vision for the Indian nation. he believed that India should be made a Hindu Rashtra and Jammu and Kashmir be trifurcated into three Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. But after exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from valley, he became a strong votary for quadrification i.e. Jammu state, Ladakh UT, Panun Kashmir with UT status and Kashmir.
Prof Hari Om, Convenor JFI said that he started writing for trifurcation of Jammu and Kashmir by taking inspiration from Shyama Prasad Mukherjee & Prof Balraj Madhok. He said that what Prof Balraj Madhok vouched for in 1953 for resolving the Jammu and Kashmir issue still holds good. He said Prof Madhok was an original thinker and saw and struggled for what he believed was and is still good for the Nation.
Yuvraj Gupta, Veteran RSS activist and a colleague of Prof Balraj Madhok recalled how maharaja Hari Singh called Prof. Madhok and asked him to defend Srinagar Airport till the arrival of Indian Army. “Prof. Balraj Madhok gathered around 200 RSS volunteers and defended Srinagar Airport alongside State troops till the arrival of Indian Army,” remembered Yuvraj Gupta. Dr Ajay Chrungoo, Chairman Panun Kashmir recalled his first meeting with Prof Balraj Madhok after Marg Darshan resolution was adopted by Kashmiri pandit Community seeking Panun Kashmir and how vociferously he came out in favour of creation of Panun Kashmir.
Dr Agnishekhar, convenor Panun Kashmir said that Prof. Balraj Madhok was a terror as well a legend among Kashmir administration and people alike. He said that locals have woven many stories around the persona of Prof. Balraj Madhok.Shailendra Aima son of long time associate recalled Prof. Madhok’s slogan of Separate Jammu state in 1953. Kuldeep Raina presented the vote
of thanks.

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