J&K : Govt Approves release of 25% Funds : Details Inside

The Finance Department has approved the release of 25% more funds under the Union Territory and District Capital Budget. This amount will be given to all departments and districts. The department has already released 50% of the budget before this.


One hundred per cent of funds have already been authorized for land compensation, utility transfer, Public Works Department in cities and towns, Mechanical Engineering Department and Mughal Road. The Finance Department has issued an order that no department should have any liability and all development work should continue on the scheduled date. The District Statistical and Evaluation Officer will do physical monitoring of the project and report within a month.

E-tendering and all other provisions should be applied. The departments will have to ensure that they have to complete the development works in the financial year 2021-22. Then, the department will give its detailed report and the project’s progress to the Finance Department.