J&K govt never owned Kashmiri Pandits: Ambardar

BJP MLC Surinder Ambardar today said that Kashmir Pandit displaced community are yet to be owned by successive state governments despite living a life of exile from last 26 years.

While speaking to reporters on the sidelines of a event here Ambardar while reacting to the news item of the leading newspaper wherein the reply of the Relief and rehabilitation ministry to a query raised MLA Engineer Rashid about the expenses incurred on cash assistance of displaced Pandits which has been mentioned as 302 crores in last two years.

According to a statement issued , MLC While commenting on the same said that the entire expenses are bored by the central government under the security related expenditure and the State government especially the Relief Ministry doesn’t have to pay it from their state exchequer as they just have to ensure that it reaches to account of displaced Pandits on time but I am afraid that the concerned ministry is not even able to do that job properly as cash assistance and Ration is not supplied timely to the displaced community month on month and it is a irony that Displaced community are without ration from last four moths

On being asked about the figure of 302 crores spent on cash assistance of displaced Pandits in last two years MLC Stated that the fact remains that Official records say that 59452 families are registered as Kashmiri “migrants” now recognised as “Displaced” persons Out of these 38119 families are in Jammu,19338 in Delhi and the remaining in other states.

But only 17248 families in Jammu, that is less than 50%, and 4335 families in Delhi, that is about 21%, are receiving cash assistance from the government.

5242 families in Jammu and around 250 families in Delhi have been provided camp accommodation — that is just 10% of the registered families.

The remaining families have been left to fend for themselves as successive state governments have not done much for their cause and it is only after BJP lead government at centre after assuming office two years back enhanced the cash assistance from 1650 per person per family to 2500 per person per family and now that BJP government is in power in the state of Jammu an Kashmir displaced Pandits see a ray of hope for themselves as BJP had always stood for the cause of Kashmiri Pandits and is committed to mitigate their sufferings

While taking a dig at ER Rasheed Ambardar said that His shop of uncanny theatrical dramas have no takers now and he is jobless so that is the reason he wants to be in news by keeping a track of Relief assistance of displaced community which is not expected of a legislator

Kashmiri Pandits have left property worth crores during their exodus from valley would have appreciated MLA Langet had he asked about the status of encroached properties of Kashmiri Pandits in Kashmir valley rather than keeping a track of their cash Relief assistance which they don’t get by choice but by compulsion of exodus.

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