J&K Police Cops on tenterhook as top officer’s pet dog dies of wrong dose

Aam Aadmi’ runs helter-skelter to get complaints lodged

Zorawar Singh
Jammu Tawi, April 30:

It sounds astonishing but is a fact that police personnel from one of the police stations of this winter capital are now a day are least bothered to address the grievances of ‘Aam Aadmi’ but busy investigating the cause of death of pet dog of one of the senior police officers, who reportedly died of wrong dose at a veterinary hospitals in city outskirts here. “A pet Labrador of a top ranked police officer was rushed to the veterinary hospital in city outskirts after he suffered some complication,” reliable sources here told the Newspoint.
They said that the doctors diagnosed the dog of ‘tumour’ and started the treatment, adding, “during the treatment, the dog was injected wrong vaccine by the doctor following which he suffered a reaction and died in the hospital.”
“The doctors tried their best to save the dog but failed and ultimately he died,” said sources adding that the top police officer of Inspector General Rank and his family, has put the police under which jurisdiction the hospital falls, on tenterhook to investigate the matter.
“The staff of the hospital from medico practitioner to senior doctors was reportedly railed for not saving the life of a pet,” sources said adding that the police officer and his family are daily ringing up the doctors blaming them for the death of their pet and also allegedly threatened of dire consequences. On the contrary, common man or the victims of any social crimes besides other criminal activities are being ignored and sidelined by the cops including the Inspector (SHO) and his subordinates due to their investigation in solving this ‘high profiled’ death of a pet dog.
“It is good that police is investigating the matter even of a pet who became victim of veterinary staff but simultaneously, common man cannot be put to task or face hardships as police is busy in cracking the mystery,” a local said.
He however, said that just to appease and obey the orders from the higher hierarchy, the policemen are sweating day and night to find the culprits guilty and had it been a complaint of a common man, they would have hardly bothered. “You cannot take dog’s investigation at the cost of other complaints,” he rued and added that a group of men comprising two cops can be deputed to get daily basis report of the case but it does mean that the pet belongs to a top cop, entire ‘Thana’ is put to task.
Number of City residents while talking to JK Newspoint shared their views over the issue and expressed that “When any common man visits to any Police Station or Police Post with a complaint, most of the time concerned SHO or concerned In-Charge Police Post are not available for hours. Besides, when they are apprised of the complaints, it takes days to get FIR registered or taking any sort of cognizance.”
Pritpal Singh Bindra while coming down heavily on the working of state police sought to know from senior Cops of police department that for pets of senior police officers, police are initiating action but as far as commoners are concerned there is no one to deal with our grievances.
“It is nice to see that finally police took cognizance over the death of a Dog. Alas! If Men in Khaakhi also takes cognizance of common man living in state of Jammu and Kashmir,” bemoaned Rajeshwer Khanna while talking to JK Newspoint.
Meanwhile, despite repeated attempts, none of the senior police officers were available for their comments.

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