JK sees no relief from acute Traffic Congestion!

Balwant Singh Bhau


Despite the claims of the concerned authorities’ of initiating various measures to decongest city roads, the ground reality do not correlate with the claims, as illegal parking across the city roads is eating away road space, leading to frequent traffic jams.

The city has become so congested that people have to look for parking space for vehicles and at several places drivers have created their own unauthorised parking. The traffic congestion is emerging as the biggest problem in the city and in the absence of proper management and manpower shortage, traffic police personnel are finding it hard to deal with the situation.

“The increasing number of vehicles, coupled with limited road infrastructure and paucity of parking space, has been playing havoc with the traffic management in the city. In the areas like Gumat Chowk, Residency Road, Jain Bazaar, Panjtirthi, Parade Shalamar, Purani Mandi, Raghunath Bazaar, BC Road, High Court Road and Canal Road, pedestrians are continuously annoyed with the honking and screeching of vehicles,” said Gurdev Singh, a local resident.

“It becomes difficult for commercial vehicles to pass through roads as at a number of places people park their vehicles on roadsides, leaving little space for the movement of big vehicles, leading to jams,” said Atul Sharma, a trader at Kachi Chawni.

Further in the absence of any long-term planning, the Jammu Development Authority and Municipal Corporation have failed to create any additional parking space.

Even the plans to build multi-parking structures at the bus stand and Shalimar Chowk and other projects have been struck at the survey level for the past many years.

Talking to Newspoint, SP Traffic, Udhaybhaskar Billa said that “The problem of congestion can only be solved with the proper cooperation of the people. Meanwhile we are creating awareness among the society to sort out the issue”.

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