J&K Sikhs body protests against French President

Expressing strong resentment over the arrival of French President Hollande in India as chief guest on Republic Day, the Sikh community members held a protest demonstration here today.
A protest demonstration lead by J&K Sikh Council was held here at Gurudwara Singh Sabha, Guru Nanak Nagar, Jammu. A large number of members of the community took part in the protest programme. The protesters were raising slogans against the France Government.
The protest was organised by Sikhs against the law passed by the French Government (Bill No 2004-228 Dated 15/03/ 2004, restricting the Sikhs and other concerned for covering their head by turban.
In France Sikh students are not given admissions in school and neither any driving license/ Government identity card is issued with covered heads. They said the law is so anti-Sikhs and anti-human that even patients are restricted to admit in hospital for their treatment due to the non- availability of any Identity proof. They alleged that many innocents were expelled from jobs due to the non- availability of driving licenses or other certificates.
They said turban is an essential religious symbol of Sikhism since its formation and history witnesses that Sikhs have given sacrifices for the sanctity of turban and their hairs (Kesh). They cited the examples of Ranjit Singh, Mann Singh, Shingara Singh and Smt Manjinder Kour who were denied even their fundamental rights in France for covering their head and they had to approach French Courts, European Courts and then United Nation Human Right Committee.
After the long legal battle, the UNHRC issued direction to French Government to fulfill its obligation under international law as it is moral duty of France to ensure the religious freedom of 30, 000 Sikhs residing in France for decades.
But unfortunately France Government deliberately igno-red the orders of International law enforcing agency and till date Sikhs are denied their fundamental religious freedom.
It is matter of great concern that the Indian Prime Minister Narinder Modi instead of pursuing the case of Sikhs has tried his best to spray the salt on the wounds of Sikhs by declaring the French Premier Francis Hollande as chief guest.
They said Sikhs demand from Indian Government to apprise the French Premier regarding the resentment of Sikhs due to the adamant attitude of France Government.

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