J&K Transport Welfare Association Calls For Strike On January 6 ?

The J&K Transport Welfare Association today called for a strike on 6th January 2021. During the strike, all the public transport from Jammu to Uri will not be running. The main reason for the strike is earlier the Union Ministry of Transport extended the date from September 2020 to March 2021 of paying token money for RC, Permit, and other documents but now the RTO in the UT is charging fine from the transporters.

While talking to the media the head of the Transport Association T.S Wazir said “the year 2020 was worst for the transporters of J&K. The transporters faced both physical as well as economical problems. Earlier during the unlock phase, the J&K administration requested us to run the public vehicles and also allowed us to increase the fare by 30% and we were running the empty vehicles at the government’s request. Now when the passengers have started using public transport the government withdraws the increase in fares. The latest public rates were revised in 2018 when diesel was around 68 rupees per liter but now the diesel costs around 77 rupees per liter but the rates were not revised. Also, the Union Ministry extended the date for paying token money but the RTO is penalizing us. We have to pay the insurance, loan of the vehicle and now they are charging a fine from us then how we will earn and run our livelihoods. Our neighboring states like Delhi, Himachal, Haryana have already given relief to their transporters from paying the tax this year but in our UT we are charged with late fees”.

The General Secretary Kashmir Transport Welfare Association Sheikh Mohammad Yusuf said “the transport sector in Kashmir is going down since 5 August 2019 after the abrogation of Article 370. During that time the government imposed a lockdown and all the government offices were closed but when we went there to pay our fees they asked for the fines also how can one pay the fee when the office was closed. We met the Higher officials of the J&K Government but no one helped us. Earlier the government assured us that the rates would be revised if the price of fuel increases but since 2018 no rate has been revised. Instead of giving us relief the J&K administration doubled our token fees”.

Another member of the Union who is a representative of the Oil Tankers Association said ” the problems for transporters in J&K are increasing day by day. Earlier the penalty which was usually 500 rupees has been increased to one-third of the token fees. How a daily wager can pay such an amount”.

The government has also released a notice that tax relief will be given only if the body of the vehicle is prepared in 1 month after the issuance of the chassis number. To which, Vijay Singh a member of the Union said “in J&K we don’t have proper labor and for that, we have to travel to neighboring states which usually takes 1 month than how the body of the vehicle can be prepared in 1 month”.

The Transport Union has declared that a period of 3-4 days has been given to Government and on 6 January we will call for a strike and the strike will continue till the government meets our demands.