JKNPP determined to oppose, expose and depose Power hungry BJP: Harsh

Lambasting the coalition govt. for breakdown of developmental machinery in the state with complete neglect of rural and remote areas of the State, Harsh Dev Singh Chairman JKNPP and former Minister today appealed to the people to raise their voice against the gross betrayals and multiple failures of the incumbent govt. which had lured them by selling dreams besides other signature slogans sold with a big splash during elections. He said that with empty coffers, huge liabilities of contractors, unpaid wages of DRWs, Safai Karamcharis, SPOs, RETs, Academic arrangement lecturers, contractual, need based besides other categories of employees and paralysed development, the last one year  was indicative of baleful beginning for the present dispensation with hardly any ray of hope for the future. He said that people of Jammu region all over were feeling batrayed and cheated due to the fake promises, false assurances and empty sloganeering of the coalition partners. He was addressing various public meetings in Ramnagar and its adjoining villages including Bhugtarian, Dagog, Chanunta etc.

Describing the BJP leaders as dream merchants, the Ex-Education Minister said the people had recognized the real face of BJP and had wriggled out of the magical spell cast by its imported leaders whose charm and seductive slogans were exploited to the full of woo the Dogra voters in Jammu region. He said that the same voters who reviled Modi and his team to the extent of idolatry and overwhelmingly supported BJP candidates despite their adverse credentials, were highly repentant and were openly admitting to have committed blunders. He said that the people had fast realized that their gullibility had been exploited by BJP by making deceptive promises which it’s dishonest leaders never intended to fulfill.

Lampooning the much proclaimed slogans of “ good. Harsh Dev Singh alleged that govt. had miserably failed on these fronts. He said that there was no sign of development on the ground with pationized corruption plaguing the entire system and development funds being siphoned off by the Politician-Deptt. mafias. He said that there was hardly any visible sign of the govt. with its only achievement during the last 15 months being the wholesale pre mature transfer orders of thousands of govt. functionaries issued whimsically in various govt. deptts.  Others who spoke on the rallies included Pt. Shiv Ram Sharma, Dev Singh, Pawan Dev, Kali Dass, Gian Chand, Shankar Dass, Pushpinder Singh, Kasturi Lal, Vishwanath, Akash Kharka, Mohit Singh Mankotia, Rajesh Gupta Lali, Rakesh Gupta Rocky, Sonu Modi besides others.

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