JKPF express grief on constitutional collapse in Kashmir

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Srinagar, April 14
Jammu and Kashmir Peace Foundation (JKPF) has expressed his extreme grief on constitutional collapse in Kashmir because of complete boycott of Indian democracy by almost 95% of people.
In a press statement issued here wherein JKPF chairman Fayaz Ahmad Bhat said that Dr B R Ambedkar’s soul might be facing pain at present because of terrible happenings in Kashmir. Dr Ambedkar was architect of constitution of India which was mending for all irrespective of cast, creed, region or religion but the same constitution stands hijacked by radicals. Today we should ponder over and realize through which crises Ambedkar himself passed and faced during his life time on the hands of his rivals who constrained him even to follow different faith as his space as true nationalist and Indian was squeezed amidst ideology of extremism of during 1947 riots.
Fayaz Ahmad Bhat said that after 1990 turmoil in Kashmir when same way constitution machinery got collapsed in Kashmir, it was subsequently pragmatic and right thinking group of believers of constitution of India who brought Kashmir back to pro Indian ideology with their sincere endeavors and efforts but today after facing such humiliating defeat to Indian democracy in Kashmir because of non participation of Kashmiri people to extent of 95% and deferring of south Kashmir elections it is clear that anti Indian forces with well drafted plan damaged efforts and achievement of these pro Indian ideologues. These anti Indian forces in the name of democracy have sneaked inside our castles and under operation to capture and control policy and taken over all the political, social institutions during last two decades back in their hands and destroyed what has been achieved to protect democratic institution by real pragmatic forces.
The main stream leaders who are beneficiary of Indian blessing for last seventy years are in record to encourage hoisting of ISIS flags by youth but have always questioned Indian constitution while being power or in opposition, to implement anti Indian agenda in Kashmir. In recent polling mainstream MLA’S, MLC’S and their families including their entire cadre have not casted their votes to impress people that they are anti Indian. Even one MLA openly gave boycott call yesterday in few stations where vote casting was 0%. This is big blow to democracy and those who encourage these phenomena are becoming prey to anti Indian forces under well drafted plan across the border.

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