J&K’s ‘overnight’ rich clerks, constables, storekeepers go unscathed

Bharti Jasrotia

We often talk about overnight rich Babus but hardly make a mention of those low ranking officers, who have built mansions, own palatial buildings and ‘live life king size’.

According to the details available with Newspoint Bureau clerks of various departments are living in palatial mansions, constables are buying huge properties and sub-inspectors are exchanging cars every second month, store- keepers are sending their children outside the country for higher studies and above all, Bhathindi, Trikuta Nagar, Shastri Nagar and Gandhinagar have become prime spots which low ranking officers are buying.

This all is happening and the state government is silent. Government is yet to initiate any action against these rich sons of poor jobs. A lower ranking police officer, presently posted in Udhampur has a palatial house in the posh locality of Gandhinagar. Another one has built a mansion in Bhathindi.

A third one is constructing a huge palace in Channi Himmat. The land is on the name of his wife, who is working in another government department. A Head Constable of Jammu and Kashmir Police (JKP), who has managed a JDA plot at Roop Nagar for residential purposes has constructed around 20 shops by illegally and fraudulently converting residential area into commercial.

A complaint, copy of which is with Early Times, reveals that the said head constable has not obtained any permission from JDA for commercializing a residential area. An allegation has been leveled against the said Head Constable of usurping the land belonging to PHE department. The complainant has referred to existence of water supplying pipes beneath the land grabbed by the said head constable. In the complaint addressed to Director General of Police (DGP) K.Rajendra, the complainant has expressed surprise over the wealth accumulated by the said Head Constable.

He has pleaded with Prasad to initiate time bound inquiry against the Head Constable. Complainant has forwarded a copy of the complaint to State Vigilance Commission (SVC). In another instance, a Prosecuting Officer of Jammu and Kashmir Police (JKP) who joined the department in the year 1995 after getting selected in the open merit category managed an RBA certificate.

A complainant has leveled serious allegations against this Prosecuting Officer. He has accused this officer of en-massing wealth illegally during his postings in Kathua, Doda and Reasi. Complainant has further said that the said prosecuting officer has built a palatial house at Trikuta Nagar apart from purchasing a high profile restaurant in the same posh locality. He has urged the DGP to ask vigilance department to inquire into the disproportionate assets acquired by the said prosecuting officer.

The complainant has further alleged that the officer has purchased 15 Kanals of land at Kud. He managed this 15 Kanals of land out of corrupt practices and misuse of official position, the complainant has alleged. He has forwarded a copy of the complaint to the Chairman of State Accountability Commission (SAC), Vigilance Commissioner as well as Principal Secretary of the Home Department.


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