Journalists up in arms against police high-handedness in Lakhanpur

The media persons of Kathua Press staged demonstration at College Road against SHO Lakhanpur for adopting forceful attitude with the media. The media persons from print as well as electronic media raising slogans against SHO set ablaze the effigy of him.
Media persons making query on the working of police department said, “It is sad to say that at one hand police boasts of providing safety and security to the public and on the other hand there are officials who do not even haste to misbehave with the media persons”.
Raj Kumar, Sudershan Bhargav, Kuldeep Choudhary and others recalling the matter said that on Saturday, the sleuths of Commercial Tax/Excise Department apprehended one person at Toll Plaza from a bus who was trying to smuggle consignment of drugs. Later, the concerning officials handed over the accused to Lakhanpur Police for further investigation. Following this, when some media persons including them went to Police Station Lakhanpur for collecting the details, SHO Ritesh Singh Sambyal asked them to leave the premises refusing of providing any details regarding the case. Even he ordered Munshi not to provide any details of the case.
“Felt embarrassed with the behaviour of SHO, we did not have any option to leave the station. Such officials are those who are spoiling the image of whole department and should be punished,” they irked.
The other media persons present on the occasion also castigated SHO for misbehaving with the media persons previously saying that despite bringing into the notice of higher authorities of the department the officials did not took any action hence boosting the morale of SHO. Media persons demanding the suspension of SHO raised alarm of intensifying the struggle if department do not transfer him.

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