JU VC promoting tainted, incompetent officials; harassing upright persons: JYF

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Jammu Tawi, December 12


Taking a strong note of patronizing the corruption in Directorate of Distance Education Department, University of Jammu, Jammu Youth Forum (JYF) today urged the Chancellor of University N N Vohra for immediate enquiry into the region’s biggest institution bestowed with the job of distance learning. Jammu Youth Forum (JYF) University President Deepak Kumar while addressing a press conference here today.

As per press statement, the team of VC’s blue-eyed in Directorate of Distance Education (DDE), University of Jammu (JU) has crossed all the limits. One among those is Dr Anupama Vohra (Faculty of English in DDE) who not only dared to bye-pass the system and committed fraud but deliberately gave wrong reply to RTI query just to hide the fact that she is a practically deadwood and merely a liability on University exchequer.

Deepak Kumar disclosed that Dr Vohra utilized the service of Prof Sudhir Singh to write three lessons of English subject of B.A Semester-Ist (One of Unit-IV and Two of Unit-V) but when it came to remuneration claim; she made a bill (dated 11-07-16) of five lessons @ Rs 1000 per lesson i.e. Rs. 5000/- plus Rs. 1240/- as Typing Charges (Total of Rs 6256/-).

Dr Vohra not only committed fraud by exaggerating the bill but also bye-passed the set procedure as she was not authorized to pass the bill rather the same was to be done by Coordinator of B.A (Semester Ist & IInd), he revealed.

Deepak further said that Dr Vohra had claimed to have done compiling and proof-reading of English Literature of B.A Semester Ist. “Actually, the proof-reading was done by one Nilza Angmo who had submitted a remuneration bill of Rs 1652/- for the same which exposes the lie of Dr Vohra,” he revealed.

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