Judges not to stop work in vacations

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Judges of Allahabad High Courts deserve compliments for working in summer-vacations this year for clearing old cases. It seems that the unanimous decision of judges of Allahabad High court is outcome of Chief Justice of India having become emotional on long pendency of cases during meet of Chief Ministers and Chief Justices of High Courts held at Vigyan Bhawan (New Delhi) on Sunday 24.04.2016.

Chief Justice of India who has welcomed the decision should take imitative should now initiate for abolishing system of long court-vacations which are said to be continued as some British legacy when British judges in India were privileged with such long court-vacations for preventing them from hot Indian weather and also to facilitate them to visit their homeland in England.

Unfortunately this costly British legacy unfortunately continues in free India even after about seven long decades of independence. Long-pending recommendation of Law Commission for scrapping long court-vacations, are being continuously ignored. Union Ministry of Law & Justice should immediately scarp any privileged vacations for courts ensuring a common pattern of holidays from Supreme Court to lower courts. Instead of closing work at courts altogether for long court-vacations, judges can be given vacations by rotation like exists system for Professors at medical colleges in Delhi government.

Supreme Court calendar shows week-long vacations each for Holi, Dussehra, Muharram and Diwali apart from fortnight-long winter-vacations for Christmas Day and New Year. If all other sections of society have no such facility of long festival-breaks and summer-vacations, it is unjustified for Supreme Court and other courts to have such a privilege. Working of a regular five-member bench of Supreme Court for hearing on validity of National Judicial Accountability Commission (NJAC) during summer-vacations in the year 2015 establishes that courts can very well function without long court-vacations.


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