Kaabil is breaking internet!

Everything about the promotional and digital strategy of Hrithik Roshan’s next movie has been exemplary. It commenced with a unique teaser promo that did not have any visuals, just Hrithik Roshan’s chilling voice so as to give the viewer an idea of how powerful sound can be. The lead pair, Hrithik and Yami Gautam play a blind couple in the movie and this is where the idea of releasing a teaser promo sans visuals stemmed from. The brainchild behind this was none other than the light eye poster boy himself, Hrithik Roshan.
This teaser promo was followed by an intriguing series of posters, one that carried only a silhouette of Hrithik and the last one that revealed his face. The 4 day activity of releasing the teaser promos was finally concluded with the real deal, the gripping trailer that was released via Hrithik’s social media last night and has been trending since!
Following this, today (Thursday, 27th Oct) the Team of Kaabil namely Hrithik Roshan, Yami Gautam, Rakesh Roshan, Sanjay Gupta and Rajesh Roshan interacted with their fans via a Faceebook Live Chat which was also trending the entire day. Hrithik even gave deep insights about the movie and spoke about how challenging it was to perform the role of a blind man in Kaabil. He stated that, “I think every role comes with its challenges and for both Yami and myself, the fact that we had to do so many different things in the film being blind was definitely a challenge. Not only walking n talking but also had to dance. Dance was the most difficult aspects in the film because and we did rehearse the dance moves for over 10 days and the actual shooting was done in 48 hours! Team Kaabil has surely been one of the best teams to work with so far and the energy on sets was always positive.”
Furthermore, Kaabil now makes social media history as it is the most viewed Bollywood trailer on Facebook and Youtube with over 18 million views since its release on Tuesday night, great going Team Kaabil!

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