Kashmir-A Conflict or Confusion? ‘Good Terrorism(Joint-APHC; at Kashmir) & Bad Terrorism (Pakistan Sponsored Militancy)’

Serious Study Report by:
Harbans Singh Nagokay.
At one side, PM Modi while at UN platform; not only established but shown a definite acceptance-way to world over not examiningelse seeing as makeover between ‘Good Terrorism and Bad Terrorism’moreover given the impression of his firm standings against whichever kind of violence and law-breakers / offenders; to be dealt with iron hands.
But, at the same time aphorisms coming from our so-called frontrunners on-or-after Kashmir, calling those stones & grenades-throwing virtually armed zealots who picked-up arms against India; as ‘MISGUIDED YOUTHS’ill-advisedly; duly supported and sponsored from other side.
There is a saying that we tend to see things not as they are, but as we are. Becoming quiet and simple inside is the first step towards seeing things truly.And, as Modi asked UN to describe & define, the exact appearance-name of terrorism, the time now has come when we need to actually change our approachesand exactly fix-up the culpabilities-&-faults; in order to curb & crush these on-going heartless deeds.
And, yes! Indeed, we need to single-out connections and origin-bases amongst ‘Separatists & Extremists’ with one word substitute as ‘Terrorists’ nothing less-or-more.
As, according to PM Modi, “Export of terror, growing radicalisation and spread of extreme violence are common security threats to our societies,”he said in his second attack on Pakistan in two days amid escalating war of words between New Delhi and Islamabad.
Kashmir-unrest where stillness& harmony is being replacedthese days with stone-pelting violent protests all over again andunfamiliar people defied curfew well via attacking police stations, Government buildings and security personnel, leaving many civilians and policeman dead or injured.
Crowds first threw stones at the policemen and this was followed by a militant attack when a grenade was hurled and shots fired else use of petrol bombs etc. is becoming common strategy.
And, as Prime Minister Modi also told through a sharp attack on Pakistan at the G20 summit, saying “one single nation” in South Asia is spreading “agents of terror” as he asserted that those who sponsor the menace must be sanctioned and isolated, not rewarded.Public in general, must also distinguish such wrong doings & hidden schemas / ill wills, behind all such propagandas’ upholding slogans of freedom (Azadi) which is otherwise, not at all prerequisite by any peace loving civic-society.
The thoughtless part of all such agonies is the use of sacred places and regional coherences, whereby; nothing such should transpire within any spiritual acceptance or provincial harmony. If truth be told, defeated political figures or overwhelmed leaders, for their personal interests may possibly being used by antagonists to conqueston borders else trespassing the boundaries, there-of.
After all deeds & goings-on; we should comprehend that in present democratic set-up, legislators from politics can be changed / replaced at any point of time or after a specific gap of lawful electoral process but those playing artificial-politics and that too by disapproving the social equality are more dangerous for restoring harmony within any region, community or religion / statehood. While exploring peacetime &congruence, together with efforts made by the systems and seats of powers, public in general must also be well versed with the background antiquities of all such self-claimed else well-privileged frontrunners together with their unseen plans (secret / hidden Agendas or-else propagandas’) :
Hurriyat Chairman; Moulvi Omar Farooq:
This young man is the most honourable of all the Hurriyat members and the responsibility of being Mirwaiz of Kashmir weighs heavily on his young shoulders. He wants to go away from Kashmir and its nasty politics. He wishes to study abroad – preferably in the USA. But for the moment it is difficult for him to do so.
Syed A.S.Gilani:
After being side-lined in the Jamaat e Islami leadership, Syed Gilani is wondering what he will do. But he has become so heavily dependent on Pakistan that he cannot do very much on his own. Today, his only hope is to win back the leadership of the Jamaat in Kashmir and he is taking steps to discredit the present Jamaat leadership. This could backfire badly. He is also worried about Pakistan floating new tanzeems and the killing of some Hizbul Mujahideen boys and the troubles of Syed Salahuddin in POK has made him jittery. He has bought a good house in Delhi and might flee there if things become difficult. He will never settle in Pakistan despite being the so-called champion of accession.
Abdul Ghani Lone:
Lone is a shrewd politician and has been in the Congress. He has managed to retain his hold in his native Kupwara area. He was talking to some people about returning to politics but was strongly advised against it. He will wait but clearly feels that the Hurriyat is a waning force.
Abbas Ansari:
He has been told to ensure that the interests of the Shias are protected in Kashmir in case the sectarian problems in Pakistan spread to Kashmir. Abbas Ansari APHC leader is planning to publish an English Daily “Kashmir Observer” at Rajbagh Srinagar in the name of his son-in-law Sajad Ansari Srinagar based correspondent of Iran Radio, and Iftikhar Jallah, Vice-President of Muslim Conference. It is also learnt that approval of the newspaper was reportedly granted by the concerned authorities, which is being inwardly criticised and condemned by some journalists. Abbas Ansari has reportedly purchased the old house of the family of late Bakshi Ghulam Mohd Ex-PM of J&K State at Srinagar for Rs.30 to Rs.35 lakhs. Abbas Ansari is getting sufficient amount from Iran as well as from Hurriyat fund for his personal use.
Muhamed Yasin Malik:
Patented as unpunished killer of 4 Air force Officials & about dozens of Kashmiri pandits, Yasin Malik is a Kashmiri leader who advocates the separation of Kashmir from both India and Pakistan. He is the Chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front; also survived many splits within his party as well as militant threats and fully established himself and his JKLF – partly because of the tacit support of the Indian establishment and security agencies. He is the only Kashmiri separatist who has pockets of support within the intelligence agencies of both India and Pakistan and now he is seeingat Americans with the blessings from both India and Pakistan.Earlier, Yasin Malik; too campaigned for the Muslim United Front (MUF) candidate Mohammed Yusuf Shah (Now “Syed Salahuddin”the commander-in-chief of the Hizb-ul-Mujahideen).
So, this all about and very common and deprived men should realize ‘the whys and wherefores’ behind soliciting youth’s participation in violent protests by imprudent’protagonists of terrorism” actually gambolling for personal interests, by way of what has been described as a freedom fight.
And, at this juncture, like any upright nation, civil societies& common masses in India are looking at security agencies of India, the Government of India, the society of India at large, to tackle any kind of terrorists or terrorism, with strong rejoinders as many innocents are playing in the hands of such devils which are not only inhuman but insane as-well.
Then, PM Modi should also not miss-out the chance to teach Pakistan a lesson on his own ground at Islamabad during forthcoming SAARC summit where in August, home Minister Rajnath Singh has gone to attend the Saarc interior ministers’ conference and was greeted by protests of various terrorist outfits right outside the conference venue. The Pakistan government did nothing to stop these protests even though terror groups like LeT and JeM had announced in advance that they would protest.Such nation like Pakistan required to be made well uncovered and exposed, using alike platforms and Modi is having strong willpower to do so as he did it at UN & in China as-well.

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