Kashmir Azadi brigades MBBS, BDS, BE ‘Golmaal’

Syed Junaid Hashmi/Bharti Jasrotia

 A peeved father has unmasked the murky business of Kashmir based Hurriyat leaders selling medical and engineering seats of various medical and engineering colleges in Pakistan and in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.

He has given a detailed account of happenings pertaining to the reserve quota Medical and Engineering seats being sold. According to this father, he had come to know about Pakistan’s Technical Assistance Programme (PTAP) from a friend living in Srinagar city. He had told him that his daughter can easily get admission in any of the top Medical and Engineering colleges of Pakistan and Pakistan Occupied Kashmir under reserve quota if he manages a recommendation letter from the Hurriyat leader.

After having come to know about the PTAP scheme, the father says that he approached the Hurriyat leaders for a recommendation letter but was denied the same without being offered a credible reason for the same. Narrating the tale, the father says in a Facebook post accessed by Newspoint Bureau that his daughter passed he Higher Secondary School Examination in the year 2012 with 90 percent marks.

She appeared in the Common Entrance Test (CET) but could not qualify the same. Following this the father says that he was told by close friend that if he manages a recommendation letter from any of the Hurriyat leaders, admission in any prestigious medical college in POK or Pakistan is no issue.

This friend further told this aggrieved father that his own daughter had got admission in Rawalpindi Medical College in the year 2011.This acted as morale booster for this peeved father. He immediately rushed to the Hurriyat leaders which he has sought not to identify and pleaded for a recommendation letter. After delaying the issue for sometime, a middleman allegedly asked this father he will have to pay around Rs. 13 lakh if he wanted a recommendation letter.

He was dumbstruck as Rs. 13 Lakh was a huge amount for a person like him whose only source of income was the government job that he was performing. He could not imagine that those who talked of freedom, honesty, blood of Kashmiris and claim being sole representatives of people of Kashmir were demanding money for admission in a medical college in Pakistan and Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. From one Hurriyat leader to the other, this father knocked almost at every door but there was no result.

He has added that these admissions were granted under Pakistan Technical Assistant Programme (PTAP) under which government of Pakistan has created a provision of 72 seats for students of Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK). According to this father, these seats are given to the students recommended by Hurriyat leaders in Jammu and Kashmir. They added that PTAP scheme was there even before Hurriyat was split but the seats were given only to the close relatives of these leaders and those whom they recommended, the father has said.

He has referred to several leaders and said that their children especially daughters did MBBS from Pakistan. He has further claimed that the Hurriyat leaders initially preferred to send their close-ones for such admissions to Pakistan but later opened up the market for others. Another phenomenon in these admissions which is quite interesting is that children of distant relatives or those who greased the palms of these leaders were sent to not so ordinary medical colleges.

But those close to the chest were sent to top medical colleges in Lahore only. The collages where some of the close relatives of these Hurriyat leaders are studying include Rawalpindi medical college, King Edward Medical College (KEMC) Lahore, Allama Iqbal Medical College (AIMC) and Fatima Jinnah Medical University. The father has promised to share list of the beneficiaries with Newspoint Bureau in the days to come. People at helm of affairs make sure that no aggregate list of such students is printed or prepared by linking it to security threat and to lessen the local dissent, claims the father.

He has gone to the extent of saying that the Mirwaiz faction of Hurriyat in Islamabad has complete list of the students but they keep it close to their chests. He has even said that a secretary of the Hurriyat Mirwaiz faction has been dealing with murky business of sale of medical seats. “There is a person who is in-charge of Islamabad office. He is from Langate. One Maqbool Pandit in Pakistan, a onetime clerk of Hurriyat has made crores by selling medical seats,” the father has written in the letter.

The father has even referred to his background and said that he is based in USA since 1990 where he works with a government organisation. “We have a modest house .We were six brothers. My two brothers were killed within a span of 3 months in 1999 & 2000 at the age of 21 and 23 years. Indeed they were ordinary soldiers. Our late father was arrested number of times and tortured at number of location like Karan Nagar, Cargo etc. Ultimately, he died in 2004 out of complications and due to lack of proper treatment,” the father has said.

Earlier also, the fraud was exposed in Pakistan where head of the Hurriyat Conference (JK) in Pakistan, Mehmood Sagar, was forced to resign and here its chairman Shabir Shah was asked to step down. However, both these leaders were given ‘honorable’ exit as no statements were issued about their expulsion. Sources said that both these leaders were found involved in the fraud and resigned from the amalgam. However, it was not made public but the statements issued by Hurriyat Conference (JK) do not address Shabir Shah as Hurriyat chairman but a senior leader.

These separatist leaders had been selling the MBBS seats at Rs 13 lakh per admission and BE seats for around Rs 10 lakh for last several years. The expose of the fraud was a major setback to Pakistani efforts to unite factions of separatist Hurriyat Conference post last year’s Assembly elections in which record number of people cast their ballot.


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