Kashmir incomplete without KPs; sad & sorry on their migration: Farooq

National Conference president and former Chief Minister Dr Farooq Abdullah said today that he was “sad and sorry” that Kashmiri Pandits had to leave their homes and hearths in 1990 and he always wanted them to return as Kashmir is incomplete without Kashmiri Pandits.
“It was very ‘sad and sorry affair’ that the Kashmiri Pandits had to leave their homes and hearths in 1990 due to eruption of militancy. I always wanted them to return but, at the same time, we can’t force them to return. They have to take decision on their return,” Farooq told reporters at Ghou Manhasan after attending marriage celebration of former MLA and NC leader Sat Pal Lakhotra’s son along with NC provincial president Devender Singh Rana.
Dr Abdullah, whose reported statement that nobody will beg Kashmiri Pandits to return had drawn flak from various organizations, said the National Conference and Dr Farooq Abdullah had never been mute spectator to the plight of Kashmiri Pandits and maintained that they (the Kashmiri Pandits) are essential component of pluralistic ethos of Kashmir.
“We can’t even dream of Kashmiri without Kashmir Pandits,” he remarked.
Asserting that the Kashmiri Pandits had to leave Kashmir in a very difficult situation in 1990, the National Conference president said he always wanted them to be there (in Kashmir) and “I feel sorry that they had to leave their homes and hearths in very difficult situation”.
Referring to his yesterday’s remarks on Kashmiri Pandits, Farooq said it was unfortunate the way his comments had been projected.
“I have never been insensitive to their (the Kashmiri Pandits’) plight. I always want them to be there in Valley. But at the same time, the Pandits too can’t wait for last gun to fall silent,” Dr Abdullah said, adding the National Conference and Farooq Abdullah were never insensitive to plight of the Pandits.
He pointed that National Conference Ministers, legislators and several leaders were killed by the militants.
Replying to a question on Peshawar University attack, Dr Abdullah said Pakistan should wake up and forge friendship with India to defeat terror forces even as he observed that there are elements in both countries who do not want peace between them.
“For God’s sake, wake up and start friendship with India and only together we will be able to fight these elements,” he said in a message to Pakistan while referring to the Peshawar attack.
“It is a big tragedy in Peshawar, this being the second attack. I think Pakistan realises that terrorism is on the rise and therefore I request that country to wake up and start friendship with India. Otherwise these elements will destroy democracy here and as well as democracy there.  We should not wait any longer,” he said while talking to reporters here.
The former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister said “these attacks will take place unless we get together to fight them because they need to be fought with all power at our command”.
He said there are anti-people elements in two countries who do not want good relation between India and Pakistan.
“There are elements. I had made it clear. There are elements in Pakistan and even in our country who do not want peace between two countries, because they are making money for it. They are becoming richer and richer. So, why should they have peace. But for the larger population, this is a menace,” Abdullah said.
He said “for the interest of the people and the Government of the two sides, we need to get together and fight this menace with all the power that we have.”
He criticized PDP and BJP for maintaining uncertainty over Government formation in the State and asked the coalition partners to come clear on the issue without keeping the people waiting.
“If they cannot make the Government, then they should make it clear so that we can take the next stand, whatever it is. Why keep people waiting in a situation where terrorism is all over,” Farooq said.
“As far as I am concerned the point here is that the two (PDP and BJP) have the mandate. BJP here (in Jammu) and PDP there (in Kashmir). I would request them, for God’s sake get on with their job,” he added.
While targeting the two parties over the uncertainty, Abdullah said, “People want a Government, so that their difficulties could be removed. That is very important.”
Dr Abdullah asked the Modi Government to deal with the situation arising out of suicide by a Dalit scholar at Hyderabad Central University “at once” and warned that otherwise the situation could become difficult to control.
“It is a tragedy for us. I think the Central Government should get it (the matter) investigated at whatever authority and whatever level they want to,” he said.
“It must be investigated immediately so that the heartburn across the nation among the young students comes to rest ,” the former Chief Minister said.
Dr Abdullah said the Centre needed to deal with the matter at once, “otherwise, this (protests) will blow out of proportion and then it will be difficult to control”.
Rohith Vemula was found hanging in a hostel room on the varsity campus on January 17.

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