Kashmir is ‘money minting machine’ for Pak army: Sering

Alleging that Kashmir is a ‘money making machine’ for Pakistan army which wants to maintain a status quo in Kashmir, Singe Sering, the Director of the Gilgit- Baltistan National Congress said “a plunderer” in Gilgit cannot be a well wisher in Jammu and Kashmir.
These remarks from Sering and several other Pakistani expats came during an interaction of two Special Representative of Prime Minister on Kashmir, Mushahid Hussain Syed and Sharza Mansab at an event organized by the Atlantic Council, an American think tank. The envoys are in the US as part of Pakistan’s endeavour to brief the global community of the ongoing situation in Kashmir and accusations of alleged HR violations there.
“Pakistan has many surrogates in Indian Kashmir with incendiary materials and other things”, he said, adding “every time money dries, you turn up with an extortion demand, China talk, Russia talk etc. I urge US to get out of this spiteful circle. Pakistan is not reliable for any country and it has not been advantageous to the United States either.”
“The dichotomy that you have been practicing in the US, Afghanistan and Kashmir deserves to be exposed,” Sering fumed.
He said Pakistan which demands enforcement of the UN Security Council
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