Kashmir Issue Discussed In the British Parliament, India Expressed Strong Resentment

JAN 16:The issue of Kashmir by backbench British MPs at Westminster Hall. The debate was organized by Labour’s Sarah Owen, and it included the participation of many British MPs, many of whom have links with Kashmir. In the debate, the MPs raised concerns of alleged human rights violations and called on the UK government to seek access to the region for direct reports from Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) to be presented in the UK Parliament in the future.

Responding to the issues raised in the debate Nigel Adams Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (FCDO) minister reiterated the official viewpoint that Britain had not to play any mediator role in bilateral issues of India and Pakistan.

In India, many senior leaders have expressed their resentment regarding the debate. The leaders have felt that Britain should not have raised the issues of Kashmir In their Parliament after being misguided by Pakistan. It’s very shameful for Britain to hold such debates as no Country in the world has the right to say anything in the matters of other countries. India has never raised the matters of other countries in its Parliament and expects the same. In the future, Britain should not hold such debates as it can create complications between the friendly relations of both Nations.