Kashmir unrest plunges Jammu at receiving end Pharma incurs loss of Rs 12 cr

Financially dented with the ongoing unrest in Kashmir valley, traders associated with pharmaceutical business in Jammu have reportedly incurred losses of over Rs 12 crore in last one month.
Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical industry in Kashmir valley suffered losses to over Rs 21 crore in view of continuous bandh and curfew in many parts of Kashmir after violent protests and killings of some people in Valley.
Since the trade in Jammu and Kashmir is inter-linked, the pharmaceutical traders, not only in Kashmir but in Jammu region have also suffered huge losses.
Talking to Newspoint, one of the suppliers of Pharmaceutical business, Nigam Gupta said that for the last 34 days, there is total bandh in Kashmir valley. He said due to turmoil and curfew in Valley, the business activity there has totally derailed. The economy of the State has been badly shattered with the ongoing agitation and bandhs in Kashmir.
Nigam Gupta said, “Our business of medicines suffered crores of rupees in the ongoing violent protests and curfews,” he added that as the business of both the regions is inter-linked, the Jammu traders have also suffered huge losses in view of the Kashmir situation.
Gupta said, “In Jammu, there are numerous pharmaceutical traders whose business has come to halt due to ongoing unrest. Moreover, their medical goods are stuck in the valley and they can only wait for the money.”
He added, “The problem of Jammu traders is compounded with the pressure of recovery from banks and medical companies.”
Gupta said, “During Eid and Amarnath Yatra, traders send goods worth of crores to valley which were struck in the valley and our business suffered a huge loss due to continuous bandh.”
However, questioning the integrity of the separatists in installing medical camps in the conflict torn Kashmir valley. Score of traders said that in Kashmir valley several free medical camps are installed by Hurriyat leaders and NGOs at different locations where patients and locals are availing medicines, food, ration, and daily used items free of costs.
Traders said, “The camps have been installed by Help Poor Volunteer Trust (HPVT), Yateem Foundation Trust and others at different locations of hospitals and dispensaries, under the patronage of Hurriyat leaders included Asiya Andrabi, Syed Ali Shah Geelani and others.”
Meanwhile, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) has projected a total loss of Rs 1,000 crore during last 26 days including that of industrial units in Digiana, Gangyal, Bari Brahmana, Samba and Kathua, the Federation of Industries Jammu (FoIJ) has worked out the estimated losses to the tune of over Rs 400 crore of the industrial sector. Not only trade and Industry, the loss of transport industry may also go around Rs 150 crores.

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