Kashmir unrest -reasons and solution

Kashmir problem has become headache for India- Pakistan and the world at large. It may have many political reasons but the main reason behind the present unrest is corruption in Kashmiri Society. Kashmiri society has legalized the corruption under the name of religion, fight for independence etc. Many political parties have given impression to the people that “Delhi takes commission while giving / sanctioning budget /grants for state”. Now up to what extent this is true, only Delhi people know.
Kashmir’s districts barring Srinagar, Pulwama, Anantnag, Budgam , all other districts are backward to the extent that road connectivity and other civic facilities are very rare in these areas. The funds sanctioned for areas are siphoned by local officials to their pockets and a portion is given to militant organizations and the politicians. In some areas no work is done. The plea given to people is that “It is Indian money and anti Islamic, so we are taking for the cause of Islam and Independence from Indian occupancy.” Poor people have no say in this regard and they are worst sufferer of this unrest. I still remember that in 1990 a forest official told me that “we are cutting trees in forests because these are Indian trees”.
These are the very few examples that how the corrupt officers are misleading the masses on the name of Islam and independence. In whole world Kashmir is the only conflict area where prosperity is increasing day by day. But this is true in respect of rich people and government officers; of course people connected with militancy also. It is learned that corruption have engulfed the Kashmiri society to the extent that almost 100% Kashmiri employees and politicians have become corrupt .
Corruption itself is not that dangerous. It becomes more damaging when a corrupt person intends to legalize corruption under the name of religion and Independence and poor people suffer because of him. Irony is that poor cannot speak against corruption legalized in such manner because he will be termed anti religion and anti movement.
Now what is the solution? Replace corrupt officials from all department including Police and Army with honest officers so that benefit of funds sanctioned for development may benefit the poor people and can taste fruit of his hard work.

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