Kashmir youth finds stone pelting, gun culture ‘glamorous’

Pardeep Singh Bali

The generation-X in Kashmir is finding it glamorous and fancy to pelt stones and posing with guns on social sites, in the name of ‘freedom movement’.

The tense situation in Kashmir, following the death of ‘popular’ poster boy aka Hizbul Mujahideen commander-Burhan Wani vindicated the claims that youth adopting ‘current culture’ of  brandishing with guns and posing, while confronting security forces, on social media as a trend.

“There is a special trend in Kashmir Valley, wherein everyone feels that by presenting anti-India arguments, they will get popular among masses, especially girls,” said an observer, Rameez Bhat, “After popularity of Burhan Wani, the youth feels that taking guns and posting pictures on social networking sites will make them popular.”

He said that in the name of freedom struggle, the youth is being self-exploited and a section of political and social organizations are taking advantage of it.

“It is clear that the youth in Kashmir is directionless and is taking to streets just to become popular overnight and most of the youth do this to impress girls,” he added.

He further said that from past experiences, he had observed that youth in Kashmir joins protesting mob only to click pictures, without knowing the reason of protest and such people get injured in police retaliation.

“I have seen that only those youth die in protests, who are usually unaware of the things happening and such youth are not actually experienced to react in case of police action,” Bhat said, “everything this new generation is doing in the name of indignation is nothing more than attaining attention and becoming popular, as they believe in Kashmir dying protesting for Azadi will make them popular as well as add their name in the list of martyrs,” he added.

He said that the situation is being ably ‘exploited’ by some of the politicians, even former chief minister Omar Abdullah had tweeted that ‘killing of one Burhan will give rise to more Burhan’s’.

Meanwhile, a political expert, wishing anonymity accused the government inaction behind rising indignation among youth in Valley.

“The youth in valley is frustrated due to multiple reasons and prime among them is unemployment, corruption and lack of basic facilities,” he said and added the youth in valley is feeling isolated.

He further said that though it may be true that some youth in valley find it glamorous and fancy to protest and confront security forces, but when an educated youth takes up gun and stones, the civilized government must understand that there is a need to contemplate the situation with broader perspective.

It is pertinent to mention here that since the killing of Burhan, over 40 youths have been dead in police action. Burhan was new face of Kashmir militancy, who through social media and his anti-Indian and anti-police remarks gained huge popularity among youth of the Valley and many youth also joined him in the name of getting popular.

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