Kashmiri ‘broth’ boiling, someone trying to pour chilies

Serious Study By: Harbans S Nagoke

There is nothing new to speculate how Kashmir issue is unfolding. Every one knows Kashmir violence, but seldom people know the dimensions behind it. Even when the entire valley is on boil, different facets of the resolution are surfacing. Some are pouring sugar, some salt and many chilies.

Even the RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat had admitted that things had happened in the past to rouse sentiments in Kashmir, but the people of the Valley do not want to go with Pakistan. He had praised the Atal Bihari Vajpayee for its Kashmir policy, and said the Kashmir problem would have been resolved if the former prime minister had stayed in power for a little longer.

Besides, he also admitted that People have problems due to bad governance in Kashmir.

Recognizing the fact on allocation of overgenerous funds by centre Mr. Bhagwat said that there is no development, no jobs. This can be corrected only by the government, administration. And another thing, because of all that has happened all this while, the anger that it has generated, that has to be addressed.

Similarly, Union Home Minister-Rajnath Singh during his visit to Kashmir maintained that India’s future is with the future of Kashmir, which means he is also supporting peaceful and negotiable solution of the Kashmir.

The third face on the Kashmir violence is of Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti, who seemed irked with the lingering cycle of violence and termed those killed in violence as part of violence.

She got irritated when a scribe asked her to compare present situation with the situation in 2010.

She, however, clarified that whatever happened in 2010 was because of a reason that a young boy was killed, but present unrest is uncertain as this kind of violence at the death of militant is unprecedented and government has nothing to do with the death of the militant.

She had moreover said that only five percent of the people in Kashmir have resorted to violent means to reach conclusion, while rest 95 percent wants dialogue and negotiation.

Now the interesting thing is that all the three personalities are explaining Kashmir conflict but none is sure which one will appease the people and force them to shun violence.

The common stupid men are suffering because of this turmoil, be it innocent Kashmiris or mere watchers from Jammu and Ladakh region.

Unfortunately, separatists are playing foul by burning the broth. They are pouring chilies to kept the cycle of violence going unabated.

It has been seen that Kashmiri common person is awaiting sugar in their bowls but someone else is pouring chilies.

Today; a grenade was hurled at the security forces from a crowd of protesters in Pulwama, which led to the death of one civilian. At least 9 policemen and 5 civilians were injured. With his death, the death toll in the Valley has risen to 70 during the 47 days of unrest in Kashmir.

Thousands others were injured in the clashes and rest all nationals are suffering by one way or other since business as well as daily routine life is living under shadows of doubts in finding solution to the ongoing unrest.

The need of hour is to understand the situation and things with special sense-of- seeing the real problem and root cause else the full picture to dealt as a magical politician-leader, with no discriminations.

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