Kashmiri Pandits Demonstrates on Demand of Increasing the Relief Amount and one government job in Every House

Kashmiri Pandits

For more than 400 days, Kashmiri Pandits, who have been sitting on a dharna in Jagti Displaced Colony of Nagrota, demonstrated in the city’s exhibition ground on Thursday, demanding an increase in the monthly relief amount and a government job for one member of every displaced Kashmiri Pandit family. These displaced Kashmiri Pandits, gathered under the banner of Jagati Tenement Committee and Son Kashmir Front J&K, raised slogans in support of their demands and appealed to the Central Government to announce the fulfilment of their legitimate demands in the upcoming Lok Sabha session.

While addressing on occasion, Shadi Lal Pandita, president of Jagati Tenement Committee and Son Kashmir Front J&K, said that he has been sitting on dharna and gradual hunger strike in Jagti for more than a year. Their only demand is that the government increase their monthly relief amount from Rs 13,000 to Rs 25,000 and give government jobs to one member from each displaced family. Pandita said that only 13 thousand rupees are given to the family of four members for a month. Today, in this inflation era, it has become tough to feed the family for 13 thousand rupees, so they demand that it be made at least 25 thousand so that the displaced Kashmiri Pandits can feed their children.

Seeking a government job, Shadi Lal Pandita said that the displaced Kashmiri Pandits had been given employment under the Prime Minister’s package. More than one family member has also got government jobs under this package, but there are many families whose members did not get a job under this package. In such a situation, they demand that at least one member of every displaced family be given a government job.