Kashmiri rock festival Reh 2016 to be held in Delhi

April 1: A rock music festival, organised by displaced Kashmiri Pandits group called Roots in Kashmir (RIK), will launch ‘Reh 2016’ tomorrow in the capital to mark Navreh, the Kashmiri new year’s day.

“Reh 2016, a Kashmiri rock festival, currently in its 6th edition, is all set to mark the arrival of Navreh (new year of the community and the new fire or light) on April 2 in New Delhi,” an organiser of RIK, Aroop Rayu told.

Kashmiri rock festival is a blend of traditional Kashmiri music with the fusion of rock, latin and Jazz, she said.

“The aim of the organizing such a festival has dual propose to create a breed of young blood talent in traditional Kashmiri music amid its preservation and second to connect youth generation with community and bring it together,” she said.

Six singer, actors and dancers — Vunshi Saproo, Neeraj Pandit, Vishal Pandita, Pragnya Wakhlu, Sumit Patwari and Rahul Tickoo — will perform traditional music with a fusion of rock, jazz, blues and old Latin.

RIK founder Rashneek Kher, who was architect of this initiative six years ago, said, “It is gathering of young, restless, aspiring blood in a blend with its own past, its legacy, its history albeit in a new fashion, a new trend.

“Be it the chords of music or that of emotion, it does creates ripples somewhere deep inside us. Far away from home, a new generation of us has grown, probably with a void and we are trying to fill that.

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