Kashmiriyat still alive

Despite on roads since past five days after the killing of Hizb comander, the youth in Kashmir have regardless kept alive the fabric of ‘Kashmiriyat’ by rescuing pilgrims of Amarnath yatra, who had met with a
road accident.
Showing true meaning of humanity, on Wednesday, a group of youth in Anantnag town risked their lives to rescue the Amarnath Yatra pilgrims injured in a road accident on Srinagar-Jammu Highway and carried them to hospitals.
This all happened when the national media was showcasing Kashmiri youth as anti-social, anti-people and anti-yatra. The youth who were mourning two deaths due to recent violence in the Kashmir Valley, ignored their personal grief and the curfew to rush to the accident spot and rescue the injured pilgrims, show that the Kashmiriyat is still alive and human life has value in Kashmir.
The assumption that Muslims are attacking yatra and are waiting moment to avenge the killing of Burhan Wani from the non Muslims, turned false and hypothetical after this incident.
Local Muslims carried the injured
pilgrims to a hospital in their private
vehicles. Some also carried them to a
hospital in Srinagar by defying curfew and risking their lives.
Despite being in the throes of violence triggered by the killing of a top militant, Burhan Wani, the gesture of the Bijbehara locals was exemplary and appreciable. It has not only send positive signals across the non Kashmiri people, but has also resurrected the dying fabric of Kashmiriyat, which stands for togetherness, humane and secularity.
This is the uniqueness of Kashmir’s
distinct and valued culture that we must all fight to protect and encourage.
Earlier also the Kashmiri youth remained popular for risking life for saving tourists during floods. The people of Kashmir had saved life lives of Hindu pilgrims who had witnessed the flash floods after the cloud burst at Baltal Base Camp in Central Kashmir’s Ganderbal district years back.
Such acts of valor and bravery attract appreciation and admiration from every individual. These incidents showed that people in Kashmir are not anti-people as well as anti-Yatries. Handful of people has issues with India, who instigates others as well to fight their cause.
Though, the youth in Kashmir is seen taking stones and raising slogans, but this should be taken in a positive sense, as many grievances and stories remain unheard at lower level, which instills indignation among youth.
The government must come up with active redressal cells, wherein issues and problems of the youth should be entertained and minimum efforts should be put in by the government to redress it, so that the youth may not feel isolated.

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