Katrina dashes to catch a flight

In July, airline authorities at Mumbai airport made it clear that there wouldn’t be any starry exceptions to the rules when it came to boarding flights. Earlier, Salman Khan who strolled in late for a morning flight to Delhi was told off by the authorities. His entourage and he had to wait at the airport lounge for the next flight, later that day.
On Thursday evening, another Bollywood celebrity, found herself in a similar spot. Katrina was running late and arrived at the airport just 30 minutes before her flight to Indore was to take off. She was travelling with co-star Sidharth Malhotra, who had arrived muchearlier. The 33-year-old-actress jumped out of her car and ran to the entrance where an airline representative was waiting for her.
(Thank God for running shoes!) “Kat was told she’d have to make a 15-minute dash to the boarding gate if she wanted to catch the flight. And it was a sight to behold!” exclaimed an eyewitness. “As onlookers watched and wondered what was happening, the actress and the airline rep started sprinting down the airport. Some thought it was a shot, a few fans began to run alongside the actress,” added the source. And Kat didn’t seem to mind! She smiled and waved as she raced down and made it just minutes before the gates closed. Pays to be fighting fit, right Kat?”

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