Keshav Chopra felicitates Priya Sethi for conducting Jammu Mahotsav

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Jammu Tawi, April 19
Keshav Chopra Youth Committiee Talab Tillo Leader today felicitated Priya Sethi Minister of State Tourism for conducting Jammu Mahotsav to promote Independent Tourist Destinations of Jammu.
While addressing the gathering, Keshav Chopra said that these types of programmes will help to boost the tourism sector of Jammu region. Keshav said that this has seen for the first time that somebody is really serious to promote Jammu Tourism.
Keshav Chopra further congratulated Priya Sethi for the well managed and well organised programme of Jammu Mahotsav.
He further requested her to organize such type of these Mahotsav’s on regular intervals so that people from other parts of India also know about the culture and tourist destinations of Jammu region.
Priya Sethi assured that she will continue putting her efforts to work for the State and organize this type of programme in future also.

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