Kidnappings, rapes on increase in J&K; says NCRB report

March 21: Jammu and Kashmir police is battling increasing number of rape cases and has failed to stem kidnappings and abductions.

These figures have not come from non-governmental organisations or private agencies nor are they result of some survey conducted by university or department but have been unveiled by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) in its report based on the cases registered by police across the country including Jammu and Kashmir in the year 2014. Hence, figures reported or the conclusions drawn from the same have no reason to be doubted or credibility questioned.

The report has dented credibility of Jammu and Kashmir Police which has been assigned the primary task of maintaining law and order besides ensuring safety of women and children. According to the report, J&K witnessed an upsurge in the cases of crime against women. Against the all India rate of 56.3 cases per one lakh population of Women, J&K saw 57 cases per one lakh population of Women, which is much higher than the all India rate.

Since rate of crime against women is far higher than the all India rate, this clearly indicates failure of J&K police in ensuring women safety in a state which has already been bearing the brunt of terrorist violence since the last 25 years. More agonising is the fact that rate of kidnapping and abduction which is 6.2 at the national level is 7 in Jammu and Kashmir. This is far higher than the national rate of abductions and kidnappings.

The rate indicates that J&K witnesses cases of kidnapping and abduction frequently with police being unable to stop the same. Though it has not been spelt out in the report which part of the state witnessed highest number of kidnappings and abductions but the fact remains that state has seen spurge in such cases. Rate of various cases registered under IPC has been reported as 195.5 in the case of Jammu and Kashmir against the All India rate of 229.2.

Against the total cases registered, J&K police disposed off 66.1 percent against the all India average of 71.9 percent. Though the disposal of cases is quite high but with 17.6 percent rate of disposal in the courts across the state, nothing much has moved on ground. Things have gone from bad to worse in Jammu and Kashmir since the disposal of the cases in the courts at the all India level is around 85.2 percent while in J&K, it is not only poor but dismal.

What makes these figures interesting is that despite charge sheeting rate of IPC crimes being around 86.2, J&K police has dismal record of ensuring conviction in the charge sheeted cases. Conviction rate is just 39.1 against the all india average of 56.3. High Court is often seen seething with anger over the inability of the police and its extended wings to ensure conviction in the cases registered against various offenders.

It often penalises police for lack of evidence being sole reason for criminals getting bailed out in even gravest of the offences. High Court is often seen repeatedly telling the police to ensure cases registered in various police stations across the state are taken to logical conclusion.

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