Killings and dialogue cannot go together: Vakil

Former Minister Abdul Gani Vakil today said that the upcoming visit of all the party delegation wont bear any fruitful results until Central Government do not generate any hope for dialogue with Hurriyat leaders and if they ignore Hurriyat leadership this time it will be like befooling the world community that we are engaging in dialogue with regards to K- Issue.

He said unabated killings of innocent people have to be stopped which has crossed all the limits, as killing and dialogue cannot go together.

Centre Government has to impose a blanket ban on lethal weapons like pellet guns in Kashmir so that a congenial atmosphere is created for a constructive dialogue in the State and said it will be a futile exercise by engaging itself with the mainstream politicians as mainstream political parties including PDP, NC and Congress have no role in the present political scenario of the State.

Questioning the moral right of Congress to pitch for dialogue and resolution on Kashmir Vakil asked the congress leadership to clarify their position on putting the reports of interlocutors and working groups into dustbin.

He also asked BJP that what prompted the party to reject the autonomy resolution of the State Assembly at the when Atal Bihari Vajpayee was heading a BJP led coalition government and National Conference was part of it.

He also advised the central government to start an immediate dialogue with Pakistan.

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