KPs were forced to leave Kashmir: Dr Jitendra

Union Minister of State in PMO with independent charge of North Eastern States, Dr Jitendera Singh has openly disagreed with some people that the Pandits left the Valley on their own and termed such perceptions totally baseless and false which amount to injustice.
Dr Singh, who was to be the chief guest on the concluding day of the two days All India Kashmiri Samaj (AIKS) Global Conference here today, could not attend the same due to his preoccupation. But in his video message which was played to the audience during conference he said that no community would ever leave their homes and hearts with their choice unless they are forced.
The Union Minister while lauding the ability of KP community to bounce back, said such statements are condemnable. “Despite the difficulties during exodus, KPs have always proven that they can survive with courage and success”, he added.
Dr Jitendra Singh said this only proves the strong survival instinct of this community. He while ridiculing the statements made by some politicians that KPs don’t want to return as they are settled outside Kashmir, said Kashmiri Pandits have their full right to return to their birth land irrespective of where ever they are currently putting in India or outside India.
He said Prime Minster Narendra Modi is committed to ensure return with respect and dignity and the Government will take the community into consideration for the future course of action and priorities of the community.
He also appealed the community to come with a representative body with a unanimous opinion which is acceptable to entire community so that such a representative group can be engaged in talks with Union Home Ministry for future course of action.
Dr Singh also regretted that he could not attend the meet due to his pre-engagement with Prime Minister who had to inaugurate National Science Education and Research Institute at Buwneshwar Orrisa which falls under the Atomic Energy Ministry that is also being looked after by him
The two day conference started yesterday and it was organized by Kashmiri Pandit Sabha. The first session off the second day was presided over by Moti Kaul, former president of AIKS and the recently appointed vice president of State BJP. Besides,  Vijay Aima, president AIKS,  Moti Kaul, Surinder Ambardar, MLC, Rakesh Kaul, representative of KOA (Kashmir Overseas Association) of USA,  Shiban Kotwal, president IEKF, U.K., K. K. Khosa, president KP Sabha Jammu, and M. L. Malla, president Kashur Samuth Ghaziabad, U.P. spoke on this occasion.
Vijay Aima, in his keynote address spoke about various issues adopted as part of the resolution and explained the rationale behind every point that was included in the resolution.
Rakesh Koul, representative of KOA gave a brief account of various activities that he as part of KOA, has been involved in ameliorating the lot of those KP refugees who are living in Jagati township, their overall conditions, health care, etc. He gave a detailed account of various welfare activities that KOA plans to take up in the coming months, be repair of temples and shrines in Kashmir, opening a school in Jagati, taking care of their career prospect etc.
M. L. Malla and K. K. Khosa dwelt on the background of the exodus and the difficulties our community faced during the past 25 years and the role that KP Sabha played to reduce adverse effects of the exodus.
Surinder Ambardar said that BJP was seized of the many problems facing the KP community and is committed to their return to Kashmir with honour and dignity. He said the party is fully behind the displaced Pdsnits and return of Kashmir Pandits is not only the return of a community but restoration of ancient culture of Kashmir in Valley.
Moti Kaul vice president BJP in his address negated the claims made by certain vested interests that KPs were speaking in different voices. He said that all KPs have one voice on the issue of our return to Kashmir. He also said that every Kashmiri Pandit is resolved to re-claim his ancestral land, Kashmir.
Presentation on skill developments, Health Care aspects and long term effective health of the displaced community were given by Raj Nehru, Secretary AIKS and Dr. K. L. Chowdhary respectively.  M. K. Pajan, general secretary AIKS, talked about the case going on in Supreme Court of India, concerning the distress sale of displaced Pandit property in Kashmir as also about some on-going projects in which AIKS is involved.
The Conference concluded with a vote of thanks conveyed by AIKS Vice President, Col. (Dr.) Tej K. Tikoo.
Various resolution on permanent settlement of Pandits in Valley, passage of shrines Bill, employment package, distress sale declaring null and void etc were adopted.

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