Kranti Dal serves seven day ultimatum to CAPD

Kranti Dal has asked the CAPD department to streamline the ration distribution in Jammu city within one week or face the heat of the people saying Kranti Dal activists would resort to massive protests all over the city if people don’t get ration immediately.

Kranti Dal president Pritam Sharma in a statement has said that CAPD department was adopting a casual approach for the most essential needs of the people adding citizens have not been given any ration for the past 90 days and served an ultimatum of seven days to the department to either start distributing ration or face the protests.

Sharma said that people need ration and not bhashan of the politicians and bureaucrats and wondered whether these were the so called “Achey Din” for which Jammuites had voted BJP to power.

He said that it was for the first time since Independence that people were not getting ration adding the depots sometimes bring wheat sometimes rice but never distribute like it used to be distributed earlier.

Sharma said that if the BJP leadership continues to play deaf to the miseries of the Jammuites they will face the music in next elections and reminded them that Jammuites were watching their actions as they had voted them to power with great hopes.

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