Kranti Dal starts membership drive

Kranti Dal today start membership drive at Lower Roop Nagar and many youths joined Kranti Dal and promised that they will work for party in the area and aware youths about the adverse effect of drugs.
On the occasion of International Drugs Day, State President Kranti Dal, Pritam Sharma said that today youths involved in taking drugs which is harmful for society as well as nation. Pritam Sharma asked the youth about its bad effects and spread patriotism among youths. Youths can play important role in the development of nation and there is need to address the youth in a right way. They should come forward to bring change in the society. Youths are the backbone of nation. Sharma further addded that party always work for the welfare of society and time to time highlight issues related to society.
Pritam Sharma slamed JDA for ignoring lower roop nagar as there is bad condition of link roads. People complain many times but JDA has no bother about our demands. The conditions of roads are very bad, there is difficult to walk and many accidents happen there.
Krantidal warned JDA to black topping lower roop nagar roads immediately otherwise ready for face results. Youths who joined Kranti Dal in the presence of president Pritam Sharma including Thakur Karnail Chand, Pandit Ravi Sharma, Rajan Gupta, Monil Kotwal, Rajat Kumar, Rahul Rajput, Ajitesh Kotwal, Rahul Bhalla, Akhil Sharma, Bobby Sharma, Sumir Kumar, Manoj, Sunny Kumar, Rahul Kumar, Rajan Kumar, Janu Kumar, Sunny Malhotra, Rahul Malhotra and Ajay Kumar.

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