Lack of civic sense

Majority of citizens in Jammu still lack civic sense, which is evident from the prevailing condition across the region, which is marked by stinking corners and filthy roads, besides chocked nullahs. The lack of civic sense, not only causes health problems for the commuters but also put administration in great hardships.
Hygiene and sanitation is the need of hour for progressive nation yearning to be a model city.
For creating civic sense and to make it a mass movement, visionary Prime Minister Narender Modi launched the Swachh Bharat Mission in 2014, which was launched throughout length and breadth of the country as a national movement. A clean India would be the best tribute citizens of this country could pay to Mahatma Gandhi on his 150th Birth Anniversary in 2019 as he liked cleanliness through out his life. People from different sections of the society have come forward and joined this mass movement of cleanliness viz government officials to jawans, Bollywood actors to sportsperson, industrialists to spiritual leaders, all lined up for the noble work.
In addition, PM on numerous occasions urged for not taking it a political activity but asked for mass movement to make India neat and clean.
In pursuance of call of PM, several NDA Ministers at centre and state level participated in Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan but alas opposition parties did not take it seriously.
But despite this mass movement, still most of public places like Railway Station, Bus Stand or other public gathering places give dirty looks due to heaps of garbage and filth scattered and such types of attitude of public raise question marks on achieving Swachh Bharat Mission.
Not to speak of general public, even civic bodies like Municipal Corporations, Municipal Councils, Town area committees and Panchayats are not performing their duties sincerely and least bothered about this mission. These agencies are main pillars to achieve the target of Swachh Bharat Mission as their role cannot be denied in this field.
Civic bodies are supposed to provide all infrastructures like dumpers and sufficient vehicles to carry garbage from the colonies.
It has been seen that several colonies are not having dumpers to throw garbage and wastage and the people are forced to throw it on roadsides.
Several of civic bodies are understaffed, having meager resources of revenue and above all dedicated staff. Swachh Bharat Mission is a unique movement but it would take long time to connect general public by creating awareness but immediate steps government can do is to pull civic bodies.
Grievances of civic bodies should be addressed and then the problem should be fixed to get the job done. Every individual irrespective of his caste, religion and profession must come forward and join hands in making Jammu a clean and green city, so that a mission of Swachh Bharat Mission shall be achieved with flying colours.

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