Lack of parking management for trucks at Lakhanpur proving fatal

One may call it just a coincidence or lack of parking management at Lakhanpur that from the last few months a number of accidents had occurred near Golden Gates situated at Lakhanpur National Highway. According to some local people and drivers of the trucks, it is due to the lackadaisical attitude of the Excise and Commercial Departments that despite huge flow of traffic flow of goods carriers the departments are not having ample space for parking. As result the drivers park their vehicles, where so ever they find place, whether it is on road or off road. The lack of parking facility is not only creating hardships for the truckers nevertheless, illegal parking of the trucks is resulting to fatal accidents, especially near Golden Gates.
Local shopkeepers Raman Jamwal and Kewal Singh said, “Although a large number of accidents occur on routine be it minor of fatal yet both the concerned authorities and the district administration are acting like mute spectators”. They added that within a period of one year five persons lost their lives within three-hundred meters of Golden Gates Highway.
The major reason is that from Lakhanpur to Jammu, Lakhanpur is the only station where NHAI had constructed bye-pass of National Highway.
They further said that the main reason of the accidents is that the stranger drivers, coming from Jammu side are not aware of this bye- pass opening.
As a result, they get puzzled when they suddenly see a vehicle in front of them coming from bye-pass road adding that these vehicles suddenly come in front because there is no divider on the road and they take long turns to be on the road.
Recently on June 1, 2016, car number PB-02 V-0141 collided with a bus due to illegal encroachment due to idle parking on both sides of National highway resulting tragic death of a youth Kulveer Singh S/o Avtar Singh R/o Trikuta Nagar Jammu. After couple of days i.e. on June 6, Gopal Singh S/o Maan Singh R/o Tarda Jagatpur died on the same spot, when an unknown truck overrun him.
They further said that every month many accidents occur at Lakhanpur due to illegal parking of trucks on both side of the road. They alleged on Excise & Taxation department for delay in clearance of permission to these drivers forced to halt their vehicles on road.
They said that a circular also stands issued by state government for the 24- hour service to transporters however, the non implementation of circular since 2 years, the reasons better known to officials concerned.
DDC Ramesh Kumar while talking over the issue said that during the reviews meeting of Shri Amarnath Ji Yatra, he had issued strict instructions to Traffic police for control on illegal parking across the National Highway at Lakhanpur to minimize such fatal incidents.

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