Ladakh demands separate police zone

Bharti Jasrotia

Ladakh, which has seemingly caught the eye of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has stepped up the demand for separate police zone for Ladakh.

Sources said that a delegation of Ladakhi leaders recently met union home minister Rajnath Singh and demanded that Ladakh region should be given a separate police zone. Among many reason that they sighted, Sources said that what impressed the union home minister Rajnath Singh the most was concern of these Ladakhi leaders about the evil design of China and neighbouring Pakistan.

These leaders said that if Ladakh is given a separate Police zone, it will benefit thousands of Ladakhi Police personals and officers in their proper placements, postings, transfers and promotions. These leaders complained that Ladakhi officers were not getting their due despite being bright and best.

They further alleged that in the matter of transfer and postings, they are hardly heard. ”State cabinet unilaterally decides about the posting of police officers in Ladakh region. The knowledge of language which Ladhaki people speak or which is spoken in Kargil. Every officer who is posted in this region finds it difficult to mingle with local populace”, said a Ladakhi leader who was part of the delegation.

He added that with China aggressively coming closure to Ladakh. There is need to have local officers who have understanding of the language, terrain and strategic location, said the leader.

He stressed that the sooner a police zone is created for Ladakh the better it would be. “Ultimate goal is union territory. These are just the building blocks “, the leader said in a forceful voice. He complained that both Jammu and Kashmir region have been ignoring Ladakh.

Sighting the instance he said “you look at the name of the state it is Jammu and Kashmir where we are? We are nowhere. So it is better to be alone than to be in a company where nobody notices your presence”. They further said that union Territory status is the ultimate goal of people of Ladakh and a separate administrative division would be first step towards achieving the bigger and larger goal.

He has stressed that UT status is cherished dream of every Ladakhi. “It is an antithesis (Ladakh Division) for the same Kashmir-centric governance—curving Ladakh out of Kashmir Division,” Gialchin has said in a written statement. He said that Ladakh is already a part of Kashmir Division of J&K; and, Divisional Commissioner (Kashmir) looks after the matters relating to Ladakh as well. Gialchin has given detailed account of why divisional status should be given to Ladakh.

He has maintained that the status would ensure that divisional cadre posts are available within Ladakh alongwith setting up of separate directorates of all the departments in Ladakh on the analogy of two existing divisions. Fixation of seniority and promotions of all divisional/district cadre Ladakhi employees will be done within Ladakh under their respective directorates/departments.

He has further said that presently, for petty matters like fixation of seniority and due promotions, Ladakhi employees have to go to Srinagar. Citing an example, the leader has said that Ladakhi Teachers, Masters and Lecturers face tremendous hardships for petty issues of benefits of service entitled to them. He has further said that administrative division would speed up settlement of land disputes by administrative courts/tribunals within Ladakh rather than causing them inconvenience of travelling hundreds of miles (thousands in winters) to Srinagar.

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