Laissez-faire attitude of CAPD formulate people to stage protest

Alleging the indifferent attitude of the CAPD department dozens of people related to ward number 1 and 17 staged protest under the banner of Jan Jagriti Manch, in front of of civil secretariat blocking College Road, on Tuesday.There was a strong resentment among people that for besides repeated requests and demonstrations the department failed to redress their demand of proper supply of ration.Leading the protest, Sanjay Kumar said that there is only one-ration depot for ward number 17, 1 and 3. Due to which there is always huge crowd of people. More over the quantity of ration is always less as compared to the count of ration cards.Alleging the working of concerned department Sanjay Kumar said, “There is hardly any day when the people are not on roads in demand of ration”. On one hand, the government is saying that he is issuing 35-kilogram ration to per family. On the other hand, the dealer use to distribute the ration according to his will. Even he charges extra money from the innocent and poor consumers. Moreover, we are demanding separate ration depot as there depot is in ward-17 and they do not even come to know when the ration come and sold out. Another protester Veena Kumari alleging the apathetic attitude of the ration dealer said that dealer prefers to people having muscle power. Sometimes they not even get aware when the ration came and when it is distributed. “People have to struggle a lot to get ration. Mainly women have to suffer a lot. Sometimes after hours of wait when the turn comes, the ration is finished and they had to go home empty hand”, she miffed.
As the prices are very high in the open market for they cannot afford to purchase the ration and had to depend upon ration depot. Since for the last three months they are not getting ration from the depot making their family members to remain hungry.
Taking note of the protesters Tehsil Supply Officer Dhruv Singh reached the spot and said that problem is in the notice of department, and sooner their problem would solve.

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