Learn from the stars: The best hairstyles from 2015

While the right outfit is essential on the red carpet, hair and makeup must also be perfect if you want to stand out from the crowd. This year, the big trend was short hair, looking more feminine and sexy than ever. Let’s see who had the best hair in 2015.

The bubbly American actress opted for one of the in-vogue hairstyles early in the year – a simple low ponytail, falling delicately on her shoulder. Classic, elegant, and sophisticated.


The star of Lucy chose to reveal her new short and minimalist haircut at the Oscars. This rocker style highlights the young mom’s beautiful features.


The Australian actor surprised everyone at the Oscars with her new sexy bob.


Long wavy hair is a classic, but it’s one we never tire of. Cara Delevingne, who is usually a little more tomboyish, looked stunning at the Elle Style Awards in London.


The American star chose to do something different with her hair at the Cannes Film Festival, rocking an ultra-sophisticated perfectly controlled bun. The highly refined style put the nape of her neck on show.


Right on trend for 2015, the American-British actor went for braids across her head, giving a romantic bohemian look at the 68th Cannes Film Festival.


The French actor looked very sexy at the Cannes Film Festival with her short tousled hair. The boyish cut was made ultra-feminine by her earrings and scarlet lips.


The actor who stars in the series Kyle XY stood out from the other celebrities on the red carpet for the Emmy Awards as she sported a very elegant bob with an on-trend wet effect.


The top model surprised everyone at the American Music Awards when she hit the red carpet with a new short-haired look. A smooth bob which highlighted her features perfectly.


This fashion model and TV personality got a lot of media attention at the American Music Awards with this high bun combined with a long fringe and some soft flyaways. Sophisticated and sensual!


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