Let people feel the change

Dear Editor,

Jammu and Kashmir is passing through a critical phase and it is the duty of both the central and the state governments to take drastic measures to curb human rights violations, which is must for restoring confidence of commoners in the rule of law. Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti shouldn’t forget what she was demanding in past when she was out of power when there were killings happening in the Valley but now when the command is in her hands what steps she is taking should come to the fore or was it just a election slogan to take action against those who are responsible for killings.

Each death is bound to further inflame the situation. There should be an immediate end to the recklessness in the region. Government has only one remedy to all these incidents to impose curfew which is not a permanent solution even they forget that imposing curfew is making whole state in a vulnerable position because people are not then allowed to go to hospitals, local business is getting affected, educational institutions are closed which is affecting the youth of the state immensely.

State government should take some practical steps and ensure that curfew does not remain the only remedy but people feel the change on the ground. They should experience drastic change in the attitude of people towards the functioning of the government. People should not lose confidence in democratic institutions. Instead, the institutions should become biggest support weapons. If this starts happening, things are likely to improve in the days to come.


Nidhi Rana

Trikuta Nagar, Jammu


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