Let us not fall in terror trap

The recent killing of eight CRPF personnel in Pampore area of Kashmir Valley is although condemned from all corners, so that so the chief minister of the state Mehbooba Mufti termed the action of terrorists as shameful, but just condemning and terming this incident as shameful is enough. Do not the state as well as centre need to contemplate to stop this bloody gorilla war, which is nothing more than disregarding humanity.
The chief minister had said that as it happened during the holy month of Ramadan, the people behind it cannot be Muslims, as this is disservice to the
She said that she feels ashamed as a Muslim that such an incident happened during Ramadan that is observed for piety and penance. She said that almighty has ordered that people should stay away from all bad and sinful acts during Ramadan. Such an act only defames Kashmir and Islam.
But, how far just making statements and condemning such acts would be tolerated and does not this state require strong policy to fight terrorism. All the big countries across the world had been advising their citizens not to visit Kashmir, which shows that the state not only for peace, but for economy has to take some strict measures to eradicate this militancy.
Not to say much about sinful act of killing any human being, such acts deprive mothers of their sons, sisters of their brothers and families of their livelihood. Such acts help retard the pace of peace and development at which Jammu and Kashmir.
The prime duty of the state should be to bring accountability behind this killing, a sound and transparent committee should be constituted to take all the important aspects of this attack into consideration, so that loopholes may be plugged. One should let the situation deteriorate and ensure that things do not take another wrong turn from where they are right now. Those behind the killings have just one motive, to bleed India in whatever way they can. We should not fall in their trap.

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