Let us simply marriages

Too much is being said and written about marriages but not much is being done to create environ where marriage does not become a burden for brides father or in certain cases, the family of bridegroom feels, they spent beyond their capacity on the marriage. But our society seems to have decided not to give up rituals and instead, make them the only permanent feature of our marriages.
It has become a ritual to give cash-envelopes or costly gifts in marriages and other family-functions. In earlier time, system was devised for a noble cause of assisting non-affording ones to perform marriages of daughters. But with changing time, cash-envelopes and costly gifts have become a show of unholy status which in fact is a forced and compulsory burden especially for middle-income in a status-conscious society.
Even parents of brides are forced to ‘present’ cash-envelopes, costly gifts and fancy platters of sweets and fruits to relations and friends of grooms. All this is responsible for taking birth of girl-child in a family as bane rather than boon. Even rich and elite society gets female-child aborted before its birth in fear of likely heavy expenses on marriages after about two decades!
Unfortunately elite social organizations are not sincere to stop the menace where their own members are continuing rather encouraging such evils. Since society does not practically initiate such reforms at its own state government should in interest of society (general public) impose a ban on gifts and cash-envelopes in marriages and other private functions, so that people may enjoy in such functions with happy mindset without realizing it as a burden to attend such functions as a social necessity by being unwillingly burdened for cash-envelopes and costly gifts.
The trend needs to be stopped with a something better since this hits those families badly who are unable to pay huge sums. This is neither a ritual nor something sanctified by the religious scriptures. It has all been started by society and needs to be put to an end. We must as society try to limit the marriage functions from five to one and if required to two but not more than two in any case. This would ensure that those in the society belonging to the lower income group do not face piquant situation when it comes to marrying off their daughters.

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