Lilly Singh aka ‘Superwoman’ talks to us about her guide to life, ‘How to be a Bawse’

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Lilly Singh or IISuperwomanII as she is better known, started her YouTube journey in 2010 when she filmed a video from her room at her parents’ house in Toronto; she’d already decided to pursue a career in front of the camera instead of finishing her university degree. The decision sure paid off — seven years later, she has become the highest paid YouTuber of all time with more than 11 million subscribers on her channel. She has even collaborated with the likes of Bill Gates and Priyanka Chopra.
After a cavalcade of videos, in some of which she talks about how to battle depression (Singh has openly discussed her journey of conquering depression), it was no surprise when she decided to write a guide to ‘conquering life.’ Her first book, titled How To Be ABawse, offers a glimpse at her personal struggles and her rise to YouTube stardom. She also offers #lifehacks ‘to conquer fear and life’ with her usual humorous, pop-culture references filled take on things.
Firstpost met up with Lilly when she was on the Indian leg of her book tour.
Dressed in a simple blue top and shiny silver shoes, she talked to us about her book and her rise to stardom.Of how she came up with the title of her book, Lilly said: “I knew I wanted it to be a guidebook. I really liked the word ‘boss’ but I felt ‘boss’ is very much associated with the workplace, and I wanted the title to be about something that encompasses life in general and I love rock and hip-hop. So I put the two together and decided to go with ‘Bawse’ (rhymes with floss) because it so widely used in hip-hop and rap.”
Singh’s videos, like a lot of YouTube celebrities, are a trifecta of comedy, confession and rants. Her approach is filled with pop culture references, her style is to ‘keep it real and grounded’ and her approach is honest.
She told us how she picked the subject of her comedy: “Well it comes from observing everything around me, it also comes from suggestions from my fans as well.
But many of my ideas are from observing things around me, and on based on things I find funny. Like the video, ‘Signs You’re Competitive AF’. That’s literally me fighting over playing a game.
And I think, if it happens to me in my day, it probably happens to someone else too.”

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