Looming water crisis

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Our water bodies like rivers and lakes are drying while groundwater level is going down, which is an alarming bell of water crisis in the years to come. Some world experts are of the view that by 2050, there would be great water crisis in the world particularly in a country like India.

Already several parts of our country particularly Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Gujarat are drought affected where state governments are facing challenge to supply drinking water to the needy persons.  Though our state is rich with water bodies and main rivers including Sindh, Jhelum, Chenab and Ravi flow from here, but this does not mean that we should shut our eyes to this looming problem to be faced by the coming generation.

Our glaciers on the higher reaches of mountain are melting day by day, affecting water flowing in our perennial rivers. It is due to that very reason that several of our NGOs and government machinery has organized seminar, workshop and programme, creating awareness of water saving. The practice of using water judiciously has to be started and particularly school children have to be taught about it.

Recently during Jat reservation stir, protesters blocked supply of water from Haryana to national capital, causing water crisis in Delhi and its adjoining areas. This types of incidents points towards importance of water supply and its consequences. Our states like Punjab, Haryana and Delhi has dispute over water on Satluj Yumana Link (SYL) canal while in south India, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh has dispute over Kavery water.

Even our neighbour country Pakistan is asking for to review Indus Water treaty signed between India and Pakistan during 1964. A state is fighting with another state while a country has resentment with another country over water dispute even at this stage. This attitude does not augur well and it is going to be a great threat in the days to come if water problem persists more.

At the peak of summer season even several parts of Jammu region and city face scarcity of water as water level is going down and tube well fail to supply water as per demand, inviting flak from public against the government and  Public Health Engineering (PHE) department. The water supply remain suspended at several places and the people resort to protest, demonstration and blocking roads, pressurizing the government to restore water supply.

According to news report, even Maharashtra government has banned organizing of IPL match in the state due to water scarcity while Holi celebration was also asked for to celebrate with dry colour instead of using water to save water. It is high time that our government should make plan to tackle with water crisis.

During NC-Congress government, proposal was mooted to supply water from Chenab river and now there is urgent need to translate this proposal into ground before the situation go out of control. Water supply from river Tawi is not adequate due to growing demand of expanded Jammu city while several new colonies are dependent upon tube well which may be affected due to going down of water level day by day.


Abhinav Gupta

Bohri, Jammu

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