Lost Glory: Azad-Soz hostility makes Hari Singh Park a ‘barren land’

Maharaja Hari Singh Park, near Samadhian road, which could have become the pride of Jammu, has become prey to lewd politics between Congress stalwarts. The park which is in shambles was the dream project of the then Union Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad,  who remained an ‘eye snag’ for Prof. Saifu-Din-Soz the then president of Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC).

The park was inaugurated on April 1, 2012 by the GN Azad in presence of Dr Karan Singh as a jogging park with much fanfare and had to be completed within a year’s time but unfortunately the park was used as cold battle ground by the then JKPCC chief as a result it remained in mess, as the foundation stone inaugurated years back still gather dust.

The most interesting thing in this context is that on the inaugural ceremony of the said park Ghulam Nabi Azad had lauded that huge expenditure was spent for the construction of the park which is his dream project and he has managed funds for its development from the taxes released under the Roshni act.

At that same time he had also disclosed that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) who was the former coalition partner in state with JKPCC when the said park was proposed by him was opposing the establishing of the said park due to some vested interests but as the park was his dream project he has endowed funds for the tax incurred under Roshni act.

If sources are to be believed the park was set deserted by the successive governments as both the time Congress was the part of the state coalition headed by the then president Prof. Saifu-Din-Soz who didn’t want to give any chance or public sympathy to G.N Azad just to safeguard his seat and face for the chief ministerial candidate for the upcoming assembly elections.

Sources added that since at that time the fraction in state congress committee into ‘Soz Ground’ and ‘Azad Group’ was very apparent and was even out of the prime control of Sonia Gandhi, Azad tried his best for the development of his dream project but due to the influence and control of Soz group over the Jammu Development Authority (JDA) who is the concerned department for its construction all his efforts gone vain.

Presently again the PDP is having major share in the state coalition government and as disclosed by the Azad that PDP was not willing in its construction, it is very much clear that all the speculations regarding its facelift during current regime will prove nothing.

“People are expecting much from the BJP that it will take steps for the development in Jammu province and will develop this park also but as the park is dream project of GN Azad and was opposed by PDP, BJP being its coalition partner will not go against it besides the entry of Choudhary Lal Singh, who is now enjoying cabinet berth also and who is the arch opponent of Azad due to whom he had left congress which has been openly declared by him time and again in front of media will even resist BJP to think for its development.

Pertinent to mention here that the huge funds claimed by Azad are nowhere in sight as the park presents an ugly picture in its present form due to lack of infrastructural facilities as when one think of a park a general perception in the mind that originates generally a covered place with green ground, flowers ornamental plants, trees and some chairs for public to sit in but all these facilities are not available at the Hari Singh Park.

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