Lost weight? Now use these experts-approved tips to keep off the kilos

First, give yourself a pat on your back. You’ve worked hard and set an example for those who daily lose a battle with weight. Now, stop stressing! The problem of killing kilos but being unable to maintain it is common. The self-motivator: Many of us get back to our old routine once we hit our goal weight.

But, it’s vital to let nothing distract you from being motivated at all times. From Instagram accounts that give you #fitnessgoals to going grocery shopping yourself so you can pick out each ingredient that goes into your meal — do everything to keep the inspiration going.

“Due to a fast-paced life and easy access to chemical-laden junk food, it requires a lot of dedication to lose weight, and even more to maintain it. Keep yourself hydrated, have a proper sleep cycle, be active, and most importantly, eat a balanced diet,” says health expert Dimple Mirchandani.

Keeping up your physical activity is the best way to keep the weight off.

“Walking, jogging in place (example: at your workplace), running, yoga and aerobics, all help in maintaining weight. Even doing domestic chores or activities such as dancing keep the momentum going,” says Amrapali Patil, weight management expert.

Targeting problem areas

The problem of loose, excess skin is something we all face after weight-loss. “Combat this by building muscles. Follow a strength training schedule which helps increase the muscle mass and BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). Go for exercises that focus on multi-joints and bigger muscles, like squats and clean and press etc,” suggests expert Gagan Deep Khajotia.

“When too much weight is lost too fast, the skin naturally becomes saggy. The only way to get rid of it is to start toning and developing more muscle mass. Do this with weight training, yoga, kickboxing and resistance training,” suggests Mirchandani.

Foods that cut fat and keep the kilos off

Greens, fruits and foods that regulate your metabolism are as essential as physical activity to maintain weight.

“Go for seasonal fresh fruits, brown rice and vegetables. Protein rich foods like beans, pulses, green tea, yoghurt and seeds such as flaxseeds, sesame, chia are also advised. Also include oats, cucumbers, low-fat dairy products and egg whites,” suggests health expert Dimple Mirchandani.

“It’s imperative that one stays continuously vigilant about choice of foods rather than going for a diet. Oily, sugary and deep fried should be avoided. Foods rich in fibre and nutrients help in weight loss. Also, green tea helps in keeping excess weight at bay,” adds Amrapali Patil, fitness expert.

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